Vitality Beverage Branding and Packaging, Print Design 2013

Our bodies are fighting to maintain the capacity to live and develop every moment. Each of us desires such vitality. To maintain mental and physical strength, we must aid our bodies. You can do so safely with this organic drink infused with elderberry juices, an immune boosting botanical.

Elderberry juice can help you in staying healthy during the winter by boosting your immune system. It is recommended that you take a tablespoon a day. Vitality infuses that juice so that you get your daily dose in a delicious drink.

The colors were chosen because blue induces trusting feelings, orange has a freeing action on the body and mind while relieving repressions, and white can have connotations of purity and health. In addition, orange juice is loaded with Vitamin C, which also helps your immune system. The name vitality encompasses the ideas of staying healthy and maintaining the capacity to live and develop.