Soul Family, Screen Print & Letterpress 2014

A piece in my A Spirituality series, this design was inspired by a conversation I had with my mom about souls. She was telling me about a book she had read, Journey of Souls. The book says that your soul is part of a larger body of souls, or soul family or group. The others in your group help you to grow as a soul and are often with you in many lives. Two souls may have a mother-daughter relationship in one life, while in another they share a brother-sister relationship. 

I have come to believe that my immediate family - my mom, dad, brother, and niece - are all from the same soul family. We all seem to connect on a deeper level with an inexplicable understanding of one another. Our collective interest in souls was discovered by our natal chart readings, which gave us even more thorough insights into the wiring of one another. This piece is a compilation of my family's natal charts; the outer information is based on my own natal chart, and the inner webs represent each member of my family's chart. The symbols used on the chart were drawn by myself, and a serif font was chosen to reflect the piece's classic, enduring mood. The largest circle is my mom and dad's, differentiated by the thickness of line. The middle circle is me and my brother, again differentiated by line thickness, and the smallest chart is my niece. It is divided by generation to symbolize the impact of each prior generation and how integrated our lives are. The text "Never Separate" below the image reminds that no matter what, our souls are never separate. 

On a larger scale, the piece reflects the connection everything has to one another and their capability to impact the world around them. It's all a web; impacting even just a few people in your pocket of life may inspire those individuals to impact those in their own pocket and so on. An idea that is allowed to grow slowly and deeply will come to have true influence, and so we can slowly but powerfully and honestly change the world. It's important to remember that in the end, none of us are separate; we are all in this together.