Co-Authors Kristen Williams and Kira G. of
Coming Clean with Cannabis: A New Kind of Cannabis Cleanse 

A challenge designed to help make you more aware of your daily choices and how they impact your wellness, all while learning about cannabis along the way. 

Cannabis isn't about getting "high." It's about improving your quality of life, however that may be for you. 

Our team will be sharing stories and tips on how they incorporate cannabis into a daily self-care practice and how it has benefitted their wellness and we want you to join us! 

We want to hear your self-care stories, rituals, and all the ways you "treat yo self." We want anyone who searches the tag #SelfCareShare to come up with a mountain of ideas and inspiration for how they can better take care of themselves, whether it's with cannabis or not. This is about sharing what's worked best for you so that others in our community can benefit - and also learning from others so that you can add to and improve your own self-care techniques. 

We hope you join us! 


We've got lots of information about each of our partners and the products they've donated to our giveaway! 

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Learn about vaporizing with Evoxe

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We'll be releasing a blog post every day to guide you through the challenge!

Cannabis + Your Body



Mental Health

  • Read our exclusive interview with expert Jenn Dowdy about cannabis and mental health
  • Challenge: Share a story about your experience with mental health!

Body Care




  • Get inspired by reading about our team's experience with meditation
  • Challenge: Share a picture of your favorite place to meditate with us on social media!


  • Read "Dear Activist" 
  • Listen to our Game Changers Elevation Station inspired by EVR! 
  • Challenge: Tag someone in today's post who could benefit form learning about cannabis and self-care to enter this giveaway! 
  • WINNER: @ctrl_alt_delish on Instagram

Self Compassion



We're giving away TONS of cannabis-enhanced products during our challenge! Click below for details on how you can win!


We're a group of individuals with our own unique stories, but we all have one thing in common:
Dedication to helping change the stigma surrounding cannabis. 

Kira G., Writer

Co-Author of "The Cannabis Cleanse", MO

Kristen Williams, Designer

Co-Author of "The Cannabis Cleanse", MO

Tre Demyan, Writer

Comedian, LA

Sam Raney, Lifestyle Blogger

Founder of "What a Fun Day Blog", MO

Kirk Waidell, Fitness Contributor

Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor and Independent Team Beachbody Coach, PA

Becca Reitz, Designer

Designing at Vail's 970 Design, CO

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