Myriad, An Informative Recipe Book Introducing Alternative Every Day Choices, Experience Design Collaboration 2015

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For our senior Capstone project, Becca Reitz, Rosie Adams and I are collaborating on a lifestyle recipe book promoting well-being. All sharing a similar aesthetic vision, we combined each of our own taste preferences and backgrounds to create a diverse recipe book that makes important information about food easily accessible and understandable.

Specs: 6x9 inches, 88 pages, soft cover, perfect bound

Content: 25 recipes, substitution suggestions, measurement conversion chart, information on understanding labels and what produce is in season as well as flours, oils, and sugar, an explanation of the differences between vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free, index

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This book was created and marketed as a collaboration between myself, Rosie Adams, and Becca Reitz as a part of our senior Capstone project. The book was developed, written, cooked, styled, photographed, designed, edited, managed, and produced completely by the three of us in Kirksville, MO from January - April, 2015 on a college, thrift-shop budget (we had way too much fun second-hand shopping on a weekend day-trip to Columbia). The project resulted in experience with successful collaboration, an opportunity to copy write and edit, practice with page layout and packaging, as well as project management. I also got to explore some new-found passions like photography, styling, and experience design.

The books finished off at 92 pages featuring 9 different reference articles and 23+ various types of recipes with tips on substitutions and alternative options. We made our books available for preordering for our family and friends, and we ordered and sold a total of 52 books. We planned and executed a social media plan to encourage these sales and get people interested in our project, which brought with it lots of learning. We then created a personalized thank you card, each signed by all of us, describing our appreciation for their support and encouragement. Along with the card, we included a conversion chart with a magnet on back for easy keeping on the fridge, then wrapped it all up together in white tissue paper, sealing it with one "Myriad" label. The presentation of the book was definitely my favorite part; I love seeing someone get excited about how "pretty" their package is, and I am always secretly thrilled when they do their best to not rip the tissue so that they can keep it. That's always a "win" in my mind. 

After we sent the book to print in March, we occupied ourselves by creating fictional packaging design for some of the ingredients we frequently use in the book, including wheat and oat flour, rolled oats, a spice blend, honey, and flavored popcorn. In addition, we re-configured the page layout designs to make recipe cards and designed the packaging for a recipe card box. To show the work at our end-of-semester exhibition, we designed a display including a hand-made shelf that would support light weight (see below).

Since our Capstone exhibition, we have worked on reconfiguring our reference pages as letter-size handouts to share with family and friends, as well as creating small handouts and gift items surrounding our recipes. We hope to reconfigure the book as an e-book one day, when time allows it. 

(Right: The book as shown in my online shop at the time of preorders)


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With all that we are, we dwell in life; whether it be stress, bliss, or happiness, we experience it all through our bodies. The functionality of one’s mind depends on the nutrients received from their body, so it is important to be aware of the physical impacts of food in order to make conscious choices surrounding your well being. 

Through this book, we sought to consolidate and summarize our collective knowledge into something informative and accessible that people could reference and be inspired by. We’ve learned through personal experience that maintaining a stable mental and physical capacity, something imperative when dealing with stress, is dependent upon the nourishment we provide our bodies with. 

However, we are still classic college students. We go weeks without making it to the store, surviving on hodgepodge dinners made of scraps from the cupboard. Forced into creativity, we each developed our own concoctions with bits of this and that recipe, always looking for new spins on an easy and quick meal to avoid getting burnt out. Each of us found our own ways to integrate healthier ingredient substitutions into our diets and have seen first hand the impact of those small changes. The creation of this book has given us an opportunity to learn from and be inspired by one another, consequently expanding all of our palette ranges. 

This compilation of recipes and information reflects each of our preferences and backgrounds, providing you with a breadth of options and possibilities that we hope inspire you and aid in the support of your well being.



The images in this book were produced without any added preservatives

6 x 9 x .345 inches; 92 pages printed full color on white 176gsm Photo/Art Paper; soft cover with matte laminate; perfect bound. Printed by Edition One Books, Berkeley, CA

© 2015 Rosie Adams, Becca Reitz & Kristen Williams


For our Capstone exhibition display, held at the Kirksville Arts Association in Kirksville, MO, we designed and constructed a shelf to go above a luckily family-owned cupboard. We displayed dishes and utensils from our shoots as well as textiles, images, and packaging.