Prohibition Livin': Creating a Way to Communicate about Cannabis

An article contributed by founder Kristen Williams about how Hempsley came to be. 

The first time I pulled out my blow torch to do a dab, my mom was a bit concerned.I knew what she was thinking: Had she really sent her bright, high school Valedictorian daughter off to college only for her to fall prey to party drugs? But being the supportive, loving mom she is, she managed to look past the torch and listen to what I had to say about this new medicine I had discovered for myself. 


Her Canna Q&A with Kristen Williams, Hempsley Health

Describe yourself and what you do:

I am a lifestyle designer and educator determined to help end cannabis prohibition. I’ve been working in the cannabis industry for over three years as a graphic designer, focused on providing a professional and credible face to the incredible companies I work with. This work inspired me to launch my own cannabis brand called Hempsley, a wellness guidance company focused on educating people in conservative prohibition states about the benefits of holistic approaches to health, including cannabinoid therapies that are available in their area.


Thinking Out Loud: Cannabis Designs from Kristen Williams

Kristen Williams is a Columbia native who graduated from Truman State University. During her time in Kirksville, she headed to Colorado to do an internship with that state's emerging cannabis industry. On a recent episode of Thinking out Loud, Williams was profiled about her work as a designer and as an advocate for responsible cannabis use.


Columbia Daily Tribune on Kristen Williams Designs 1/28/17

The product photography that Kristen Williams provides for clients almost always involves empty packages.

That’s because the product — cannabis — is illegal in Missouri.

“I am really trying to help companies in the industry” to overcome “the typical ‘stoner’ stigma” when it comes to marijuana and other cannabis products, Williams said. “I’m really into showing that cannabis can be one part of a healthy and responsible lifestyle.”


Catch Vapor: Endocannabinoids and self-care with Kristen Williams of Hempsley

Hempsley’s founder, Kristen Williams, first became passionate about cannabis education back in 2013 when she saw a video about Charlotte Figi, a young girl whose some 300 grand mal seizures per week were being subdued with CBD oil. She found herself in distraught over the public's backlash on Charlotte's parents for treating her with cannabis, and wanted to help people understand how this plant works within the body to bring relief — and that using it didn't necessarily mean getting "high." 

Since then, Kristen has been on a mission to help educate the general public about their endocannabinoid system and how various cannabinoid therapies can benefit people with all types of conditions. Over the past three years, she has collected experiences with yoga, Ayurveda, energy medicine, meditation, floating, massage therapy, nutrition, fitness, herbal medicine, aromatherapy, and more — all while exploring how cannabis can best enhance her self-care journey. Now, she wants to share what she's learned to help others make informed decisions while developing a personalized wellness routine that they enjoy. 


Q&A: Pro-cannabis advocate Kristen Williams aims to smoke out the stigmas surrounding marijuana

Kristen Williams says the hippie-stoner stigma around marijuana is burning out. The 24-year-old graphic designer and pro-cannabis activist is now working in Columbia to change negative opinions of marijuana by educating people about its health benefits.

Williams has been a graphic designer since high school, but she became involved with the cannabis movement after she first tried the drug during her sophomore year at Truman State University. Williams later turned her website, Kristen Williams Designs, into a blog about cannabis’ health benefits to merge her interest in cannabis with her love for graphic design.


How Cannabis Can Help You Cut Back on Alcohol and Live Healthier

As 2015 rolled into the New Year, a friend of mine sent me this e-book. It’s a short digital booklet that challenges you to take a “cannabis cleanse” – not in the sense that you’re ridding your body of cannabis. Quite the opposite, in fact. Instead, this guide shows you how to shed undesirable habits with (or without, up to you!) the help of cannabis.

The e-book, called Coming Clean with Cannabis, is a delightful encapsulation of one of life’s beautiful ironies: that this plant – this stigmatized natural anomaly – can help guide you to a healthier life, and you don’t even have to be a qualified medical marijuana patient to reap its benefits.

In talking with the book’s creators, Jane West and Kristen Williams, it was clear that this is a story common in many lives. “When I finally gave cannabis a chance only a few years back, I realized that the negative perceptions people have about this plant are misguided, and that it can actually benefit a lot of people in extraordinary ways,” Kristen said. “I hope this book helps to change perspectives on prohibition and encourages people to incorporate cannabis into their lives in a way that benefits their overall health and wellness.”


The Huffington Post on The Cannabis Cleanse 1/2/17

The Cannabis Cleanse is not a way to flush THC out of your system, in fact, it’s quite the opposite. Author Jane West, founder of Women Grow and the Jane West Collection, co wrote this short, easy to read book, with Kristen Williams to help people incorporate cannabis into their lives as part of an overall clean, healthy, and mindful lifestyle. The book, which is great for first time cannabis users and people with experience alike, explains how weed affects the body and mind, different modes of consumption, and types of weed. It even has a quick quiz to help readers figure out what’s best for them individually.


Stephens Life: Growing Opportunities

In the business world, women are breaking a completely new ceiling. Out with the glass ceiling and in with the grass ceiling. With the legalization of medical and recreational marijuana in several states, women are now seeking new career opportunities as professionals within the marijuana industry... As Mid-Missouri NORML works to accomplish this goal Kristen Williams, a young professional, recently opened her own business. As the owner of Kristen Williams Designs, she works with select clients within the marijuana industry providing them with design work for their products including: photography, graphic design and web design. 


Seeing Through the Smoke: How Cannabis can Improve Self-Care

Believe it or not, your next self-care technique could involve cannabis. While there are various methods to strenghthen your well-being — knocking out a few miles on the treadmill, striking superlative Lotus position during yoga — one underrated practice that comes with extensive health benefits is the use of cannabinoid products, particularly cannabidiols (CBD). 


The Stoner Girls' Guide to Kristen Williams, Designer 3/27/16

Kristen Williams is one of the creators of an inspiring eBook called Coming Clean with Cannabis — she is a lifestyle designer / experience creator, intern at Women Grow and all around lovely person dedicated to cannabis education and healthy, happy living! In high school Kristen remembered, believed and supported everything she had learned in drug education workshops. Now she is speaking up so others know cannabis can be part of a healthy, full and well-lived life. 


6 Ways Cannabis Can Improve Women's Health by Kristen Williams 5/31/16

On May 15th, Femme Nuri hosted the seminar “Improving Women’s Health with Cannabis at the McMillan Event Center in San Diego. The unique event offered guests and sponsors the chance to network and connect with other cannabis patients and professionals. It did not have booths with vendors distributing free joints or a dab station tucked in the corner, but it instead was completely consumption-free, focusing instead on educating attendees – both men and women – about the opportunities in cannabis.


Presto Doctor on The Cannabis Cleanse

The Internet is filled with websites and tutorials on how to remove the residual effects of cannabis from your body. The Cannabis Cleanse encourages the exact opposite! In their insightful book, the authors Kristen Williams and Kira G. discuss the argument for medical and recreational marijuana use, and offer some great tips on how to incorporate cannabis into your daily life. on The Cannabis Cleanse 2/1/16

It is made very clear in this book that this cannabis cleanse has nothing to do with flushing cannabis out of your system. This cannabis cleanse challenge has everything to do with incorporating cannabis into your diet as a lifestyle choice to completely cleanse your body and mind.

This book is basically a how-to on completely turning your life around using your favourite herb, marijuana. There is an enormous emphasis on mental health and physical health, which leads to a completely new lifestyle.


5 Ways Cannabis Improves Self Care by Kristen Williams 9/25/16

True wellness comes from being in tune with your own body, listening and responding to its needs. But in the midst of life, we often neglect our inner voice that says “slow down,” “eat something green,” or “get up and take a stretch break” as we attempt to meet deadlines, maintain relationships, and pay bills. Thankfully, we can use cannabis enhance the connection with our bodies and discover self-care practices that work best in our own lives.