Lehman Construction Company, Branding and Strategy 2015

Because Lehman Construction does not advertise, using design to add value to their company was a different kind of challenge. This re-vamp of their brand, done for my senior Capstone course, is intended to increase their team’s organizational commitment, thereby improving productivity and revenues. 

Organizational commitment refers to an employee’s desire to stay within an organization and achieve its goals, meaning that the more organizational commitment an individual has, the more productive they will be. One way to improve organizational commitment is through job satisfaction. There are five major components of job satisfaction, including supervision and coworker satisfaction. Employees respond best to supervisors who inspire followers to commit to a shared vision and show appreciation. 

With frequent out-of-town jobs and weekly traveling, the supervisors and employees spend a lot of time together. It is imperative that their relationship remain positive in order to achieve maximum commitment and productivity. 

To help Lehman Construction enhance its organizational commitment, a welcome kit was designed that includes emergency supplies for employees on the job, as well as personalized business cards and an informational pocket book.

The overall strong, professional, and modern design aesthetic makes the employees proud to be a part of the company and excited to have their new gear, new team, and new job. 

These elements help an employee feel included, supported, and a part of the team from the very beginning — minimizing the time needed to acclimate and maximizing productivity.