Our opposition is wealthy: pharmaceutical, alcohol, and paper companies all have a lot to lose if cannabis is legalized.

But when we come together, we are strong - and it’s time we fight back.

I love my state and all of its amazing people, and I want more than anything for those individuals who need medical cannabis to have access to it.


This would be not only a huge win for Missouri’s citizens, but also a huge win for the Midwest and country. 

We need all the momentum we can muster. 


W H Y   I S   L E G A L I Z A T I O N   S O   I M P O R T A N T   F O R   M I S S O U R I ?

In October 2015, I went to a presentation by Jeff Mizanskey, a man who had served 21 years and 9 months in prison for three nonviolent cannabis-related offenses - and it was supposed to have been life. When I saw him speak, he had only been released for 51 days. I listened with growing horror as Jeff told us about his time in a maximum security prison (yes, maximum security for a nonviolent offense). The first night he was there, he shared a room with a man who had murdered someone, chopped them up into pieces, and thrown them in the trash. He spoke of “baby-rapers and murderers” who had much shorter sentences than he, and he watched violent offenders leave and return time and time again.

Now imagine yourself being in the wrong place at the wrong time and getting caught with cannabis. Imagine that it wasn’t even yours (the law says you only have to be in its present to be charged with a crime - as was the case in Jeff’s third and final arrest). Parents, imagine your teenager making a dumb mistake one night at a party that ends in a visit to the police station. Imagine it happens more than once. Do we really want to have laws that will lock us up in maximum security prisons for possessing a natural plant? One that thousands of people use to self-medicate life-threatening conditions every single day? Do we want to be put away for bringing no harm or threat to others around us? This just doesn’t make sense. It’s time for Missouri’s laws to change. 



A B O U T   T H E   I N I T I A T I V E


Pro-patient: Instead of creating a short and restrictive list of qualifying conditions, this initiative puts power in the hands of a state-licensed physicians, not politicians or bureaucrats, to determine who will benefit from medical cannabis.

Robust System for Access: The initiative creates a statewide system for production and sale of medical cannabis and medical cannabis products. It also provides for limited and regulated patient cultivation.

Small Tax to Benefit Missouri Veterans: The initiative levies a four percent retail tax, and all revenue in excess of the cost of regulating the medical cannabis program will go to help Missouri’s veterans.

Public Safety: The initiative maintains the current prohibition on public use and driving under the influence. It also allows the Department of Health and Senior Services to institute a seed-to-sale tracking system to ensure that the product and money do not reach the illicit market.

Regulatory Framework: Puts Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services in charge of licensing and implementation, but also allows the department to contract with other state agencies when necessary for effective and efficient regulation.

Quick Implementation: The amendment creates deadlines to make the department move quickly to promulgate rules, issue applications, and swiftly implement and award patient cards and industry licenses.



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