Into the Unknown, Event Branding and Advertising Collaboration 2015

My class was the first to experience Truman Visual Communications' new Capstone course in which we re-branded local businesses around Kirksville, MO. Because this was such a new undertaking, we themed our exhibition "Into the Unknown: A Perilous Four-Year Journey Culminating in One Final Exhibition." Working with Becca Reitz, Adam McMichael, and Henry Smith, we put together a series of three posters that illustrates Viscom (Visual Communications) explorers on different adventures. Henry Smith rendered and created 3-color screen prints of the artwork, which we then scanned. I then created a logo to be used throughout the process and typeset the poster. Becca and I created the "Unknown" and "from" hand lettering for the posters. 

We also created small boxes that held business-card sized take-aways that gave information the date and time of the show while displaying a detail of the poster on the front. These hung next to posters around campus. 

In addition, we created banners, window posters, and displays to advertise for the show as well as carry our theme into our exhibition space. Four large posters hung in the windows, and two large banners hung inside to greet guests as they entered. 

Invitations were designed in both print and digital formats to invite our clients to the show itself, which kept with our adventure theme by being designed as a postcard. A general digital invitation was also created to send out around campus and to family and friends.