Highland Pantry is a line of organic "wellibles" (wellness edibles) specifically designed for the health conscious consumer.

Highland Pantry's medicated almond butters are carefully crafted and dosed to bring you the perfectly diverse and nutritious "Wellible."

When you eat an infused product, its cannabinoids will be metabolized by your liver into a compound called 11-hydroxy-THC that is more psychoactive than THC. (This is different from inhaling cannabis, which delivers THC directly to the brain.) Because cannabis is processed differently when ingested, it has more intense effects and will last longer, making it a great option for medical patients with chronic conditions. Read more about cannabis edibles on Leafly.com

Why we love Highland Pantry

Highland Pantry's almond butters are ridiculously diverse; you can easily incorporate them into tons of different recipes or just eat it with a spoon, and they are ready to take with you on-the-go! Each packet is responsibly dosed at 10 mg each with both THC- and CBD-only options. 

We also love the ladies behind this incredibly company. Suzanne and Sherry Shpall are a mother-daughter duo who are both medical cannabis patients and want nothing more than to help cure others with cannabis. Read our exclusive interview with Suzanne and Sherry here! 



Everyone needs a daily break to get re-energized. Treat + weed yo self with a mid-day almond butter snack! Your body will thank you for the extra boost of cannabinoids. 



Cannabinoids dissolve into fats, oils and alcohol. This makes the non-mold, healthy fat found in Highland Pantry's delicious, protein-packed almonds perfect for the absorption of cannabis into your body.


Listen to this upbeat playlist while you experiment with new recipes! It's sure to get your creative juices going and get you excited about spending a little extra time to make something particularly tasty and healthy for your body. 



You can take Highland Pantry's almond butters with you on your work out or adventure! Discreet and easy to eat straight from the packet if need-be, these almond butters are the perfect energy and cannabinoid boost! 



Make Highland Pantry an ingredient to your midnight-snack to help you get a rested night of sleep. 

Almond Butter + Date Truffles  - Releasing on Day 2

Almond Butter + Date Truffles - Releasing on Day 2

Buzzy Bee Smoothie

Buzzy Bee Smoothie

Dreamy Creamy Ganache  -  Releasing on Day 2

Dreamy Creamy GanacheReleasing on Day 2

Nutty Professor Toast  -  Releasing on Day 2

Nutty Professor Toast Releasing on Day 2

Almond Butter + Banana Overnight Oats  -  Releasing on Day 2

Almond Butter + Banana Overnight OatsReleasing on Day 2