Dreamshare Campaign, Print Design 2013

The Dreamshare Project is an inspirational documentary film that follows Chip Hiden and Alexis Irvin, two recent college graduates, on a road trip across America, as they explore how successful people have chased their dreams.

Everyone has very specific dreams. I wanted to take this campaign in a direction that reached out to people and made them feel as if they were being specifically targeted. A poster advocating dream following should have a loose, mystical mood. The images are intended to look as if they were jotted down, folded, and tucked away in a pocket so that they would be remembered. I want the viewer to be motivated to take that piece of paper out and act on that dream.

Strong imagery is a vital component of this campaign. I chose to do a compilation of photography and illustration to personalize the feeling of the imagery. The imagery is supposed to feel warm and evoke an emotional connection to the idea of the campaign: to follow your dreams.