Cannabis Branding, Collaborations with Ryan Haskins 2014

After working together as student designers at our university, Ryan Haskins and I fantasized about opening our own design studio together one day. When clients began contacting Ryan based on his senior capstone project, branding for a marijuana dispensary, we saw the opportunity to get jump started and set out to establish our own small studio.

From March to July of 2014, we worked day and night learning how to set up a studio, run a business, work with clients, and just about the cannabis industry in general. Living in Boulder, CO for the summer, Ryan and I attended Small Business Development Center classes, and I even had the opportunity to attend the Marijuana Business Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado where I learned everything that goes into starting and operating a cannabis business, including regulations for packaging and advertising.

We learned a lot, but by the end of the summer we could see that we had a lot more to learn. Ryan returned to Missouri to work, and I decided to finish my degree in Visual Communications at Truman (Kirksville, MO) while continuing to further advance my knowledge of the cannabis industry on my own. I am now enrolled in Cannabis Training University's online Master Certificate program. 

At the end of 2016, I decided to begin my own freelance graphic design business. The information I learned about beginning a business that summer has been vital to my success, and I thank myself every day for spending that summer learning.