Women Grow: Group educates moms on how to talk to kids about legal marijuana

by Reed Andrews on July 13, 2015

PORTLAND, Ore. -- "Women Grow," an organization of women helping each other succeed as Oregon's marijuana industry develops, held one of their first meets-ups Sunday.

The group is hoping to help Oregon moms, both those for and against Measure 91, understand how to talk to their kids about the dangers of marijuana on young minds.

Pot is legal for Oregonians 21 and older, but the human brain doesn't stop developing until age 25.

"I would hope that they would wait but I just want to set the hopefully the foundation and the understanding that at 25 that your brain is fully formed and if they start at 21, they're of age and they can make that choice but it's smarter than starting at 13," cannabis processor Kristi Sweeney said. 

Marijuana became legal in Oregon nearly two weeks ago. Though there is no way to legally buy it or sell it, the mothers who met Sunday hope when recreational stores open, they'll cripple the black market and cut off teen access to pot.