Yoga for Everyone

Yoga has been around for some 5,000 years. With today’s explosion of yogic practices, clothing lines, Instagram accounts, and hilarious trends (dog yoga, anyone?), it seems that this ancient Hindu physical, mental and spiritual practice has been re-branded to meet modern Americans’ needs.

We think this is awesome! Some yoga-purists get frustrated by the commercialization of yoga, but we believe that everyone can benefit from this practice, which teaches people to breathe and bend into a deeper awareness of their own bodies. The more people do yoga, the more peaceful and healthy our world becomes. We want to see the art and science of yoga become as widespread as possible.

When everyone’s bodies are so different, cookie-cutter yoga classes may only appeal to people who are already fit and active. Yet it is usually the bodies in the margins of society that need the healing powers of yoga the most.

We’ve compiled a list of yoga resources for all types of bodies. We hope you or a loved one can find some peace in mind, body, and soul by making these poses and practices a part of your routine.

If we left anything out, let us know in the comments below!


Yoga for Limited Mobility


Yoga for Curvy Bodies


Yoga for Chronic Pain


Yoga for Sciatica


Yoga for PTSD

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