Hempsley's Heart of Health Exchange

The biggest project I’ve endeavored on in my entire life thus far:

Hempsley’s Heart of Health Exchange

From conceptualizing the first-ever cannabis-experience event in Missouri to organizing over 50 different businesses both in my local community and around the world, Hempsley’s Heart of Health Exchange was the most intense, agonizing, and rewarding project I have ever worked on.

Silly Sacrifices

I saw this event as an opportunity to truly change the course of history when it came to cannabis legalization. When the event was conceptualized in April 2018, it was estimated that 23 states were going to be voting on some kind of cannabis law come November. By the time November actually rolled around, however, only 4 states were voting, and the country was much more focused on other political issues rather than cannabis. To say this was disappointing would be the understatement of the year.

In the process of going into full on activist-mode, I forgot to interact with the world, myself, and even my closest family and friends for 6 months. Then when it was all over, I crashed and burned — hard. Since then (this was in October), I have been working on reconnecting with myself and discovering my passion for Hempsley again.

More Details Coming Soon

I’ll be doing a full recount of this experience from the entrepreneur side of things within the next couple of months. Until then, check out the official event recap on Hempsley’s blog, complete with photos, details about all the activities, and more!