Design for Mason Jar Event Group's SUMMER

Hempsley got to partner for yet another Mason Jar Event Group event — SUMMER! I designed the invitations and menus, and even got to go out the event and run the Instagram Stories.

For anyone who's new to these events: all guests pick up a goody bag from the dispensary ahead of the event, then each item pairs with a different course of the meal. Check out the incredible menu below!

Photo by  Dog Daze , courtesy of  Mason Jar Event Group

Photo by Dog Daze, courtesy of Mason Jar Event Group

The following came directly from the Mason Jar Event Group SUMMER menu


Shigoku Breakfast Oyster

Served with quail egg, bacon & maple vinegar. Paired with, Northern Lights Pre Bubba 98

Street Corn

Served with grilled corn, jalapeño, creme fraiche, local tomato, avocado, lime & chili mango powder 

Prosciutto & Melon

Served with organic seasonal melon, la Quercia artisanal prosciutto & white balsamic reduction 

Summer Salad

Served with grilled kokopelli peaches, black bear orchard cherries, organic super greens, bee pollen, haystack chèvre & poppyseed vinaigrette. Paired with, Northern Lights Super Lemon Haze

Kimchi Pancake

Served with scallion, baked tofu & sweet soy

Boulder Paella

Served with ancient grains, local lamb, saffron yogurt, summer citrus, dry chorizo & smoked paprika. Paired with Northern Lights Agent Orange

Israeli Shindig

Served with wood fired pita, whipped hummus, skirt steak, babaganouj, green schug, feta & pomegranate molasses 

Cookie Butter Cream Cake

Served with jungle fruits, condensed milk, edible flowers and Steepfuze CBD infused coffee


Pre Bubba 98

by Northern Lights

Come on in and get comfortable with this dark violet beauty and take in its large trichome formations. She has a notorious history, characterized by her sweet, candy-like aromas and zoning effects. The sedative nature of this strain brings about a strong wave of relaxation matched with a heavy, body-centric high. Packing a smooth, purple-berry palette, she flows like a river next to Chef Asher’s Shigoku Oyster dish.

Super Lemon Haze

by Northern Lights

(Lemon Skunk x Super Silver Haze): We know citrus is traditionally for winter, but we are non-traditionalists and love the flavor of lemon everything in the summertime. That said, we chose SUPER Lemon Haze, to hit the high notes by pairing it with our locally-sourced Sumer Salad this evening.

As her name alludes, this lady is heavy in limonene with hints of pine to create a pungent, hazy aroma which transfers well from the nose to the palette. This heavy sativa packs an introspective and creative head high with racy undertones characteristic of an outdoor lemonade stand at the county fair; yet it doesn’t forego the foggy eye-feel of a potent Haze. The combination of two sativa-dominant hybrids gives this strain a body high brimming with euphoria and a stimulating terpene profile that lingers on the nose. Breathe, Toke, Bite, Repeat!

Agent Orange

by Northern Lights

This true 50-50 hybrid harbors a social, uplifting high. The Orange Velvet takes dominance on the nose, with heady notes of citrus reminiscent of a tangerine peel. “Ole’!” is exactly what we thought when we tried this beauty. She immediately landed us in Espaina! She creates a very social atmosphere, that reminded us of a busy post-siesta Spanish plaza. The addition of Jack the Ripper provides a middling body euphoria with mild notes of sweet earth lingering on the back of the palette that finish perfectly with the smoked paprika of the Paella and orange peels of the Sangria.

Photo by  Dog Daze , courtesy of  Mason Jar Event Group

Photo by Dog Daze, courtesy of Mason Jar Event Group

For the invitation and menus, we used this set of stock illustrations from Shutterstock and adapted the type to fit with Mason Jar's style. Since these were printed on natural brown paper, we kept things simple in black and white. Since this was a Chef's tasting menu, the little veggie illustrations were a nice aesthetic compliment to the dinner's theme. 


This was the smallest event Mason Jar has done to date, and I was honored to be part of it! At only about 30 people, it created an incredibly intimate experience that was unlike any other Mason Jar event I'd attended before. Check out the beautiful images from Dog Daze below, courtesy of Mason Jar Event Group