Featured: WMC Action News 5 on Upcoming 10 Keys to Cannabis Business Success

Excited to share that I was featured in an article about an upcoming event in Kansas City, 10 Keys to Cannabis Business Success, that I will be speaking at on behalf of Hempsley on July 21!

Speakers will be offering guidance on the business of cannabis & hemp so that participants can learn the business, laws, challenges, opportunities, success and failure cycles based on over a decade of experience. 

My quote reads: 

Kristen Williams, CEO and Founder of Hempsley, notes “With the rapid change of the cannabis industry, it’s crucial that we create a space for Missourians to learn about and prepare for the opportunities that are available to them. This event will provide insight and guidance on the process of getting started in a brand-new and ever-fluctuating industry from professionals who have been there and done that — offering valuable takeaways for entrepreneurs, investors, and everyone in-between.”

Learn more about this event on Hempsley's website!