DabCab TV: Cannabis Trivia Gameshow

I had the honor of going on DabCab, a brand new cannabis trivia gameshow, while in Colorado last week! 

About DabCab

DabCab is a cannabis trivia gameshow designed to help educate the public and budtenders about cannabis in a fun and engaging way. 

Check out the episode below to see me answer cannabis questions as Hempsley — and even WIN! I go on around 9:30 and talk about the endocannabinoid system, differences between hemp and marijuana, and even do a CBD dab — a very relaxing and energizing way to medicate, and as all my most avid followers already know, my favorite way to medicate!


Host Elise challenges Sarah, Kristen & Steve to a 3 question round of "Cash or Glass." Did their experience in the cannabis industry help them out? you'll have to see it to believe it! Brought to you by https://stevesgoods.com/ Special guest Kristen Williams http://hempsley.com/ Looking for the coolest cannabis rental in Denver?