Review: CBD + Co Honey Drops

Fall of last year, CBD+Co reached out after the #SelfCareShare to see if I'd be interested in sampling their CBD-infused honey drops. Of course, I said yes. (Please note, CBD+Co did not request that I do this review*) 


When I first tried CBD+Co's honey tincture, I didn't realize just how special it would be. 

Tinctures are created by soaking plant material in alcohol, apple cider vinegar, or vegetable glycerin to dissolve the beneficial compounds. After the mixture has been given time to sit between 1-15 days, the plant material is then strained out to create a finished product. This means that tinctures, simply by the process through which they are created, taste awful. But not this one. 

Most companies will add all kinds of artificial flavors to their tinctures in order to produce something you don't mind adding to your favorite foods or drinks, but CBD+Co takes a different approach, infusing local, unfiltered, organic honey from an award winning artesinal bee farm (their words) instead of trying to artificially sweeten the mixture with all kinds of chemicals. I've even had other "honey" THC tinctures on the market, and they taste absolutely nothing like honey, instead leaving you with a filmy, syrupy, processed after-taste. And when it comes to tinctures, I can honestly say this is, by far, the tastiest I've ever had. Plus, I wasn't the only one who felt that way. 

"The honey taste is the most accurate flavoring of a tincture that I've ever experienced. The effects were quick and subtle, but efficient, and that makes it top notch in my book." —Kate, Missouri

CBD+Co's tincture is also created through a process that allows our bodies to more easily absorb the CBD. 

CBD+Co explains on their website that since our bodies are mostly water, compounds (such as CBD) that have been purified and concentrated are not readily absorbed by the body. To combat this issue, CBD+Co created a water-soluble CBD isolate that will pass into our bloodstream more easily for faster and better effects. 

This also allows for more accurate dosing. 

Because you're not playing a game of wondering how many mg of that CBD you just ingested will actually enter your bloodstream, you're able to know exactly how that dropper-full of honey will affect you every single time. 

The standard dose when beginning CBD is 10mg, but this is a very flexible number and can vary depending on tolerance, reason for use, severity of pain, and more. When using for pain, consider doses between 10-20 mg as needed (could be anywhere once a day to once every couple hours). If you are using it for anxiety, try dosages anywhere from 20-50 mg; if you're using it for general preventative-wellness purposes, you can microdose at 5mg per day. 

The honey drops can be used sublingually, or as an edible. 

Using these drops sublingually means that you can place a dropper-full under your tongue and hold it for 15-90 seconds for fast absorption, providing relief within 15-30 minutes. But you can also add this tincture to your favorite recipe, morning coffee, tea, or afternoon smoothie. Since it's water-soluble, it will dissolve in any drink within seconds, and because it truly is honey (and actually tastes like it!), it's a no-brainer addition to a million different recipes. 

My favorite way to use the CBD honey drops is in my coffee as a sweetener. I find the calming effect of CBD works well for me if paired with the energy from the caffeine.
— Stephen Bernard, CBD+Co

After hearing Stephen's favorite way to use the drops, we began doing a little experimenting of our own and came up with a few very simple recipes that the drops seamlessly substituted-in for. You can check out the three simple snack recipes for honey-peanut butter, Sweet Sriracha Hummus, and honey-walnut goat cheese spread on the (brand new!) Hempsley website here

But again, and I can't stress how cool this is, you can substitute CBD+Co's honey in literally any recipe with honey — and yes, it is that easy! You don't have to substitute the whole thing; maybe just throw in a couple extra drops with CBD — which means that you can also make this delicious blueberry-grilled cheese CBD-infused with zero effort on your part. 

I wasn't the only one who loved these honey drops. 

As always, I like to have some people in my community try the drops as well to make sure I'm not being biased — and everyone had all good things to say about CBD+Co!

You probably wouldn’t this tincture has cannabis in it by the taste and smell. It was easy to keep under my tongue while it soaks in, and it tasted good. It helped my stomach feel better in 15 minutes.
— Brennan, Missouri
Initially, this product made no change, but after about 15 minutes my body felt noticeably more calm. This product had a great taste, which for me contributed to the positive experience consuming this product because I dislike weed-tasting products.
— Lila, Missouri
A tincture I actually like the taste of. I could see using this after a nauseating workout. I am happy with the way I felt after using it; it’s aligning, warming, and focusing.
— Dale, Missouri

Have you tried CBD+Co's honey tincture — or any other CBD tincture? Leave us a comment with your thoughts! 


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