Winter by Mason Jar Event Group

No one does cannabis events like Mason Jar Event Group. 

My first luxe cannabis event was WINTER this time last year, and I was completely smitten. Mason Jar Event Group throws four events per year (one every season) to bring people of cannabis together for an elegant and elevated experience. Their About page explains:

"At Mason Jar Event Group, we combine a blend of Colorado’s finest indulgences for experiences that unite a community of discerning individuals in unique urban and rural settings—our preferred venues truly inspire the senses."
"Growing up in the South, the Mason Jar is a cultural symbol of holidays, good times and the things that bond together new friends and old. For parties and holidays, friends often exchange gifts in Mason Jars from food to plants, to arts and curios. This is a vessel of sharing and of the unity that connects us as friends and family around food and fun."

This time around, WINTER was held at Boulder Creative Collective.

There was gorgeous art on the walls and hanging from the ceiling, live music, an artist doing a live painting, a bar with wine and beer, a dab station with electric nail manned by Healthy Headie Lifestyle, personalized goodie bags from Stashbox, CBD infused coffee samples from Steepfuze, glassware from Jane West, and of course a wide variety of warm and wonderful people. 

About a month before the event, I realized I would be in Colorado at this time and reached out to Kendal, founder of Mason Jar Event Group, to see if she could use any help in exchange for a ticket. She graciously offered to let me attend in exchange for creating a few promotional social media graphics and doing live social media updates throughout the event. This was a really fun experience for me, as I had never committed quite so fully to being active on social media throughout an event, and it was fun being able to narrate the story of the evening through a collection of raw images, videos, and quotes. 

Unfortunately, my camera is not well-equipped to shoot in the deliciously moody lighting Kendal set up, so most of my high-res photos came before the event actually began as Mason Jar set up and waited for guests to arrive. That said, you can check out Mason Jar Event Group's Twitter feed, Instagram feed, and Facebook page to see content I posted from the event. Of course, my favorite stream of content from the evening was on Instagram Stories which have now disappeared since it's been 24 hours — but you'll be able to get a solid overview of the night from Twitter. 

We started the evening by stopping by The Clinic for our goodie bags which contained items to pair with each meal course. 

The goodie bags were filled with luxe cannabis goods from PAX, Neos, Olio, The Clinic, Blue Kudu, and Extract Consultants.

Bec Koop of Irie Weddings & Events put together the gorgeous floral arrangements for the evening

The head chef, preparing our eggplant tostada

The goodie bags were filled with luxe cannabis goods including the new concentrate vaporizer and cartridge by PAX, a Neos vape pen and cartridge, concentrates from Olio, a chocolate bar from Blue Kudu, blueberry terpenes from Extract Consultants, and Citrus Sap bud from The Clinic. Each item was thoughtfully paired with one of the seven items on the menu, as listed below. 

  1. Royal Red Shrimp Ceviche paired with Olio's Sleeping Monkey Live Resin Sugar & Sanitas Brewing Company's Citrus Lager
  2. Spicy Pork Kimchito Empanadas paired with Olio's Cherry Diesel Live Resin Sauce and Sanita's Brewing Company's Citrus Lager 
  3. Hamachi and Organic Salmon Tiradito with Chile, Roasted Macadamia Nuts, Extract Consultants' Mango Terpene Extract (0% THC) Mango Mojo paired with The Clinic's Panama Punch Era Pod in the PAX & Ipsum Verdejo
  4. BBQ'd Eggplant Tostada with Ancho BBQ, Toasted Pumpkin Seed Pipian and Salsa Criolla paired with The Clinic's Flower, Citrus Sap & Ipsum Verdejo
  5. Braised Oxtail with Creamy Corn Porridge and Orange-Poblano Marmalade paired with Neos Electronic Vaporization Pen featuring Blue Dream & Monte Oton Garnacha
  6. Lobster Tamalitos with Butter Poached Spiny Tail Lobster, Pico de Gallo and Salsa Suiza paired with Neos Electronic Vaporization Pen featuring Blue Dream & Monte Oton Garnacha
  7. Spiced Chocolate Cake with Hibiscus Jam paired with Blue Kudu's 100mg Zen Garden Cherry Almond Dark Chocolate Bar (don't eat the whole bar, instead grind a bit of the chocolate on top of your cake and eat it, too!) & Steepfuze CBD Infused Coffee

The sleek and subtle PAX was both a gorgeous and delicious addition to the evening 

Blue Kudu's branding of their new high-end flavors is a design nerd's dream

The live artist, indulging in a little treat from the goodie bag before he gets creative

With family-style serving, a sense of community was developed at the table. 

The back of the menu featured descriptions of all the presenting hosts and their supplied products

I was pleasantly surprised to find two different types of high-quality concentrates from Olio in our goodie bags along with a dab station — I love seeing concentrates finding their place at classy events like this! 

Bec Koop of Irie Weddings & Events setting tables

Unboxing the goodie bag at the beginning of the meal is such a rush! 

Even with the highest of expectations after last year, the evening did not disappoint. 

Every detail was thoughtfully considered and executed, from the many layers of plates to the Blue Kudu logo on each tiny little grater served with our dessert. The food was served family style, so warm conversation between people at the table was quickly and easily cultivated. As someone from prohibition Missouri, it was wonderfully inspiring to have the opportunity to connect with so many people who are working on incredible projects to push the cannabis industry forward in an elevated yet relaxed environment. It is a truly unique experience, and one that I would recommend to (almost) anyone. 

The main thing I took from the evening: I can't wait until we can do this type of event in Missouri. :) 


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