Photography for Evoxe Labs

After discovering the CBD-only Balance pens by Evoxe at the beginning of this year, I just had to be in touch with its creators.

I've encouraged many of my friends to try out the pen, and literally every single purchaser I know of has found relief with it. 

Then back in September, Evoxe reached out for some photography of their other pens. Unfortunately, being in Missouri, I only got to have prop pens mailed to me, but that's just a sacrifice of choosing home — although I did get to try all the flavors while I was out in California :) 

I had a lot of fun photographing all these beautiful colors (I had only been able to photograph the white before!) and creating "moods" within every image to describe the pen's personality. I also took my prop pens to California with me and did some shooting there, which was a blast. I even made some new friends while begging/bribing people to model for me! 

Shout out to Sam Raney of for being my lovely Missouri model (she's the beauty pictured in that gif). (Insider secret: All the smoke you see being exhaled was from a separate e-cig #PhotoHacks!) 

Blue: Deep, Indica
Red: Engage, Sativa
Black: Stealth, Hybrid
White with Silver: Balance, CBD only
White with Gold: Balance+, CBD with small amounts of THC

Has anyone else tried these vaporizers? Which one's your favorite? I think mine was "Engage" — I absolutely loved the essential oil blend of peppermint, lime, cinnamon and cypress! 

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