5 Tips for Crazy Dancing

I’ve always hated exercise.

Back in school — as early as first grade — we used to have fitness tests like running the mile and doing a certain amount of pushups and crunches. I failed every year, which was never a boost to my self-confidence. But everyone told me that exercise was important for staying healthy, so I would begrudgingly push through my 3 sets of reps on the weight machines, force myself to go for a jog every once in awhile, and even practice those pushups that I literally didn’t master until my twenties. Exercise was never, ever fun for me, and I dreaded it with every fiber of my being — until I started incorporating cannabis.

At first, I used cannabis to ease the pain of doing those booty-blaster routines I found on Pinterest or making my runs seem less horrific. When I was high, I wasn’t nearly as focused on how horrible the task of exercising was or all the work I needed to get done — I just accepted that that was what I was doing right then, and I put all my energy and focus into it.

I even taught myself how to do headstands, something I and all my fitness instructors who failed me on those push-up tests never would have dreamed I’d be able to do. But after a summer of daily high runs and yoga videos, I started to become more in tune with what exactly my body needed. Now, instead of setting aside an hour to do my calisthenics and weights each day, I do a dab of my current favorite concentrate, put on music, and let my body do whatever it feels like doing.

The cannabis energizes me, allowing me to get out of my head for a while and focus on my body instead.

I’ll dance around like a crazy person, mixing in big stretching movements, yoga poses (both real and completely made up) along with some terribly executed leaps and spins. It’s a blast. I honestly feel that I get a better workout this way than I ever had before; my body feels good and loose and empowered afterwards because it’s done what it needs to do. The best part is that instead of dreading my exercise every day, I now look forward to it. I would even go so far as to say it’s the highlight of my day.

Feel like trying a crazy dance next time your body needs to move? 

Check out my "5 Tips for Crazy Dancing" video below! 

1. Nobody's watching. Act like it. 

The best part about crazy dancing is that I do it 100% alone. Sure, I'll get a little groovy with other people around if I'm high enough — but those times I truly cut loose and get the best workout, I'm flying solo. If you get off beat, nobody's there to judge you. Fell over and smacked the wall for no apparent reason? No problem. If you do kill it (even if it is just in your head), you feel like a superstar — and no one's there to taint the memory of that badass dance move you (may or may not have) just mastered. 

2. Get Weird & Have Fun

Dancing with my 2-year-old niece, I've been reminded how much fun spinning is. She just loves to spin and spin until she falls down — so of course, I do it with her. It's now worked its way into my own solo crazy dances; I'll get in the middle of the room, shut my eyes, and spin in circles, completely in the moment with lightness and joy. What did you like to do as a kid? Try it again while you're alone. I bet you smile. A lot. 

3. Get Creative. Try it all. 

Nothing's off the table when it comes to crazy dancing. Lay on the floor and dance with your feet. Make imaginary snow angels to the beat. Try getting upside down. Whatever your body feels like doing — do it. 

4. Do it anywhere, any time. 

You don't need any tools to crazy dance. You can wear anything while you do it. So what's stopping you? Be in your moment — and if your body says that moment calls for dancing, listen. 

5. Don't stop. Your body needs you. 

People are saying "sitting is the new smoking," and as someone who sometimes sits on a computer 10+ hours per day, I believe it. Don't forget to move just because you're working. Sit on a yoga ball. Set a time for every thirty minutes to get up for a water or stretch or dance break. Whatever you need to do to make sure your body isn't screaming at you when you finally tear your eyes away from the screen. 

Remember, it's not about being good at it — it's about having fun with it. 

Anybody else crazy dance? What are some of your favorite completely made-up moves? 


To the left are some of my favorite "Crazy Dancing" songs that are too hard to not get up and dance to when they come on. I'll sprinkle them into my work-flow playlists to keep me getting up to randomly dance every once in a while throughout the day. What are some of your favorite songs to crazy dance to?  

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