Introducing the #SelfCareShare Challenge + Giveaway!

by Kristen Williams and Kira G.

The first time I pulled out my blow torch to do a dab, my mom was a bit concerned.

I knew exactly what she was thinking: "Had she really sent her bright, high school Valedictorian daughter off to college only for her to fall prey to party drugs?" But being the supportive, loving mom she is, she managed to see past the torch and listen to what I had to say about this new medicine I had discovered for myself.

For 21 years she had taught me how to be an independent, responsible, and healthy individual, and she had done her job well - so well, in fact, that I was now confident enough to make choices that were best for me, no matter what society thought about it. I explained to her that cannabis had helped me learn how to enjoy taking care of myself, something she had seen me struggle with for years, and I was now healthier - both mentally and physically, than I had ever been before. By the end of our heart to heart, she understood that this was medicine for me - and if a blow torch is what it took, then a blow torch I would wield.

When it comes to your health, you have to trust your own body to guide you.

To some, this may sound like a scary idea. We've been taught to lean on doctors and hold what they diagnose and prescribe us with as truth. But if we become more in tune with our own bodies, we can learn how control the state of our personal wellness. 

The concept of self-care was first introduced to me by Kellen Brugman, Ayurvedic expert, yoga teacher, and writer.

My last semester in college, I did a design internship with this brilliant woman that changed my life forever. Ayurveda is a traditional Hindu system of medicine surrounding the idea of keeping all the bodily systems in balance with one another through diet, breathing practices, herbal treatment, and more. While I didn't necessarily resonate with everything Ayurveda advocates, one thing that really stuck with me was the idea of daily self-care practices playing a role in your overall wellness.

The world doesn’t often make room for our bodies to be ill, injured, or exhausted, but in order to be happy, healthy people it’s essential that we carve out daily space to take care of ourselves. 

But with all the time and energy our work and personal lives demand from us, finding a small chunk of time to simply be with ourselves can often seem like too much to ask for. Using cannabis can be just one way to carve out space for personal time in the midst of our hectic lives. Cannabis can help us transition from work mode into mindfulness practices like meditation, yoga, or even just doing nothing, unplugged from our laptops and cell phones and tapped into our breathing. I now draw from the self-care principles I learned during my eight month internship with Kellen and adapt them to fit my own lifestyle - often enhancing the practice with cannabis. 

Kira is also a big advocate of self-care and cannabis, so we've teamed up to bring you something amazing.

Starting September 12, Kira G. and I will be hosting a 10-Day #SelfCareShare Challenge + Giveaway designed to help make you more aware of your daily choices and how they impact your wellness. 

During these 10 days, we'll be talking about how cannabis can play a role in all aspects of health and provide you with tools to help inspire and motivate you to form your own daily self-care practices. We'll have playlists, trackers, work outs, interviews, tips and more - along with national giveaways from our incredible partners that will include products from Apothecanna's CBD line, Evoxe Laboratories Vaporizers, EVR CBD tinctures, Highland Pantry almond butters, Holstee letterpress prints, a special edition "Weed Yo Self" KushKard, and more!! 

The goal of the challenge + giveaway is simple:

  1. Educate the public on the benefits of cannabis and teach people how they can incorporate it into their lives to improve their wellness. 
  2. Encourage people to take control of their health and develop their own daily self-care practice. 

The challenge will be hosted on my personal website and socials - but don't be fooled, this is a group effort! 

No one is successful alone - and in addition to our own amazing team members who have helped put this challenge together for you, we need your help to spread the word about cannabis and self-care. 


That's why we're asking you to follow along with the challenge and share your progress with your own community using the tag #SelfCareShare.

We want to hear your self-care stories and rituals and all the ways you "treat yo-self." We want anyone who searches this tag to come up with a mountain of ideas and inspiration for how they can better take care of themselves, whether it's with cannabis or not. This is about sharing what's worked for you so that others can benefit - and also learning from others so that you can add to and improve your own personal self-care techniques. They say it takes a village - let's build a digital village where we all support, empower, inspire, and educate one another.  

We can't wait to share what we've been working on with you, and we hope to see you join in on the challenge next week!

Check back here for more details and be sure to follow me on social media for daily updates! 


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