The 4/20 Work Out

by Kirk Waidell, Fitness Contributor

A cannabis workout? You've got to be kidding me! I can hear people now. “Stoners” working out? Whatever! But the lazy stoner stereotype aside, people use cannabis every day responsibly to maximize their fitness. The 4/20 workout is a simple plan to follow, whether you are a beginner or an advanced athlete.

So what’s the 4/20 workout? Four exercises for twenty minutes.  

This daily workout is also known as an EMOM. EMOM stands for Every Minute on the Minute. At the beginning of every minute, you complete a certain number of exercises. When you’ve completed your set, you rest until the next minute begins. So EMOM 10 min means: every minute on the minute for 10 minutes, you cycle through the exercises, resting before the next minute starts... You can use just a single exercise, or you can alternate different exercises, or you can even do a choice of several different movements. For our purposes we will stick to only four.

Let's say you choose 4 exercises: pushups, lunges, dips, and jump-squats.

For the first 10 minutes you do 6 pushups and 6 lunges. Minute one you do the 6 pushups and 6 lunges. If it takes you 40 seconds to complete the set, you have a 20 second rest before minute two starts and you repeat the 6 pushups and 6 sit ups.  

After the first 10 minutes you can now move on to the second 10 minute set where you now do 10 dips and 3 jump-squats, repeating the formula above. Complete the reps and the remaining time will be spent resting until the next minute comes up. Simple, right?

4 exercises, 20 minutes.

The 4/20 workout scheme that is great for beginners and advanced exercise fans. The great thing about this style of workout is that you can get an amazing burn in only 20 minutes a day. The exercises are only limited to the scope of your knowledge of fitness. You can be as creative as possible.

This scheme enables you to get a cardio and strength workout all wrapped into one set. It also allows you the freedom to work on specific muscle groups as you see fit.  

Below you will find 15 beginner 4/20 workouts to get you started. I hope you find the tremendous benefits of this style of exercise, and please share!

6 dips
8 squats

4 deadlift
5 pushups

5 squat press
5 push ups

4 box jumps
4 burpees

5 push ups
5 box jumps

5 dips
5 burpees

6 leg raises
10 Russian twist

8 Russian twists
8 scissor kicks

10 goblet squats
4 pull ups

4 chin ups
5 shoulder press

8 sit ups
3 burpees

10 lunges
3 pull ups

10 bench press
2 pull ups

8 balance lunges
5 jump squats

10 squats
7 reverse lunges

I hope you have the opportunity to try these workouts in your exercise plan. If you are an advanced athlete you can interchange different exercises. You will quickly see this style of workout can have tremendous benefits not only physically, but will save you time as well.  

Thanks for reading! Stay positive, stay lifted.


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