Day 6: Creativity

Welcome to day 6 of the #SelfCareShare! Today we're talking about cannabis and creativity. 

Things to check out: 

Things We Made While High Gallery

Holstee: Mindful Art 

Holstee: Mindful Art 

Today's Challenge

Reflect on these questions: 

  1. When's the last time you got excited about a creative project? 
  2. What things in your life block your creative energy?
  3. What steps can you take to re-energize your creativity? (Think exercise, nutrition, inspiration, mental health, etc.) 
  4. What is a creative project you've had in the back of your mind that you've been putting off starting? Can you take the first step to start it today? 

Share a picture of something you made while high (or while you wish you were high!) with us on social media using the hashtag #SelfCareShare for a chance to win letter-pressed prints from Holstee