Things We Made While High

One of our team's favorite things to do after smoking is create.

Whether it's tapestries, drawings, collages, paintings, graphics, poetry...when we get high, we find ourselves overtaken by creativity. 

And we're not the only ones. Many of the world's great minds have used cannabis to stimulate their creativity and enhance their process. In regards to the science behind this phenomenon, Jason Silva at Huffington Post writes: 

"Essentially, marijuana can extend the range of our free-associative capacities. It increases the novel ways in which we find connections between ideas, and it also extends the range of ideas that we might somehow relate to one another.
While not surprising, it does offer a scientific validation for what so many artists, philosophers and scientists have been saying for ages: that marijuana is a cognitive catalyst that can trigger heightened free-associative creativity, increased pattern recognition, and insight." 

He goes on to discuss how cannabis can enhance our "ability to marvel," which I believe to be the reason why cannabis allows you to get lost in the moment, completely focused on the creation process in front of you. 

"Marijuana enhances our ability to marvel: In some mysterious and uncannily recurring way, marijuana can induce an almost ‘synesthetic ecstasy,’ whereby a loosening of the usually firm borders that separate our five senses allows for a broader, deeper, more profound, and often time-dilated “interpretation” and “internalization” of moment-to-moment experience." —Jason Silva, Huffington Post

Check out a collection of things some of our contributors made while high below! 

"I put up a reminder at my desk -- you have a body, girl! Get up and stretch often!" —Kira G.

"Handlettering." —Becca Reitz

"Doodles." —Becca Reitz

"Selfie. Mantra. Whathaveyou." —Kira G.

"I love zoning out with a dab and getting expressively lost in an abstract painting." —Kristen Williams 

"Get in touch with your pattern-making side easily with a little bud and some paint!" —Sam Raney


"I’ve always been fascinated with anatomy and biology, it makes sense that I’ve spent the past year learning everything I can about cannabis, the organism." —Kira G.

"Cannabis + endless podcasts = endless motivation to sit and draw. Those dots took patience, but I got to listen and learn about the world each time I picked this drawing back up." —Kira G.

"I like to make candles // weavings // doodles // and quick computer graphics while I'm high." —Becca Reitz

"Watercolors are a blast when you're high! Get creative with a little technique and a clear vision thanks to that dab you just did." —Sam Raney

"You have to be in a meditative state to tie this many knots! It requires patience  that only cannabis can give you." —Sam Raney

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