Improve Mental Health with Cannabis Crafting

by Kira G., Chief Copy Editor

When was the last time you really felt light?

It’s been awhile for me, so tonight I returned to a favorite tradition -- getting high and crafting. It sounds silly, but remembering to play like a child is the only way I can stay a sane adult. When my brain is overdriving, I need something to do with my hands to calm me down. To focus me on the moment. To give myself an easy challenge and an excuse to get high, listen to music, and talk with friends.  

If your life feels too busy to make room for arts and crafting, time how long you’re on social media or mindlessly scrolling the web each day. Your brain will thank you for taking a break from Internet inspiration and slowing down long enough to create your own.

Relaxing with technology has been proven to be harmful to the brain. Too much time in front of a screen can shrink gray matter and increase chances of poor sleep, anxiety and depression. Our jobs often require us to spend large amounts of time on a screen, but many Americans also use technology as their main form of leisure and entertainment.

Even if social media may provide many people with virtual communities and a sense of online camaraderie, nothing beats being face-to-face conversation. Arts and crafting with friends can be a wonderful bonding activity for you and your smoke circle.

Creating with your hands and a few simple supplies is also totally meditative. Settling into a flow activity (like adult coloring books or knitting) empties the mind and clarifies thoughts. It slows the heart. It helps the brain process the abundance of information we receive each day. It can open you to the euphoria known as flow.

This is where cannabis can be your best companion! If you find it hard to get lost creatively or if you’re distracted to stick with one project, knowing your ideal cannabis amount/strain/method of consumption can help boost your creative energy and focus.

For us a dab or single hit of a sativa strain usually gets us energized and excited to dive into a project. If you need an idea to get started, here are a few of our favorite, super affordable ways to craft with cannabis.

Buy a bunch of magazines and old books at a thrift store. Go through them and cut out anything that sparks your interest. Experiment with combining different images and then glue ‘em to a paper. Voila. You are a collage artiste.


Practice your handwriting. Choose a word or a quote and write it over and over again, getting lost in the rhythm. Meditate on the word, observe your writing technique, and develop your skill with hand lettering tutorials, if that’s your thing.


Coloring is for everyone. Find an adult coloring book that speaks to your soul (there’s always a new one in this growing market), and go to town with crayons or colored pencils. It’s a practice in patience and you’ve made something beautiful at the end!

Experiment, experiment, experiment. Try out different activities and see what works for you, developing your own style as you go. You don’t have to be the *best artist in the entire Universe* to reap the benefits of arts and crafts. Don’t aim for perfection or a certain finished product. Just enjoy the moment and realize that creation can be an extremely liberating act of self-care.

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