The Cannabis Cleanse Goes to California

The Cannabis Cleanse was invited to give a keynote speech at Femme Nuri's Improving Women's Health with Cannabis Seminar on May 15, 2016 in San Diego, California. When we first got the invitation, we didn't hesitate to say yes. Speeches had been on our wish list for a while, and California was a golden opportunity. 

Below is a summary of our journey! 

Phase 1: Admire the California Vegetation

Kristen had been to San Diego about 8 years ago with her family, but it was Kira's first time in California. We were both completely enamored by the vegetation and architecture we were seeing - it was completely different from what we see in the Midwest! 

Phase 2: Meet Fabulous Ladies at the Improving Women's Health with Cannabis Luncheon

The best part of traveling to California was by far meeting other wonderful people who believe in cannabis. In the Midwest, it's not uncommon to be met with intense judgment and direct opposition to our mission, and we sometimes end up feeling isolated and discouraged. Having the opportunity to meet other individuals, especially women, who are diving into this industry was incredibly inspiring and helped to relight that fire inside of us. 

We got to meet and talk to the masterminds behind Cannakids, Visage Pro USA, Treat Yourself, Bosm, Highland Pantry, Madame Munchies, and so many other amazing companies helping pave the way to safe access for cannabis patients. And we could not have been more honored to share the stage with the amazing Tracy Ryan of Cannakids and and Sherrie Berry of Visage Pro USA.

We want to give a HUGE thank you to Femme Nuri founder Cara Luhring for giving us this amazing opportunity! 

Phase 3: Give First Keynote Speech in The Cannabis Cleanse History

As we mentioned earlier, this was our first ever speech about the Cannabis Cleanse - and if we're being honest, we were pretty nerve-racked about it. Getting up in front of an audience has never been something either of us love to do, but we knew that in order to spread cannabis education, it was something we needed - and in our core wanted - to do. 

We (Kira and Kristen - but mainly Kira) spent over a month writing and rewriting our speech, determined to make it perfect. The opener was by far the most difficult part, and finally came to us during a smoke and stretch brainstorm session when Kristen jokingly threw out "The first time I pulled out my blow torch to do a dab, my mom was a bit concerned." But then we paused. It was kind of interesting. It grabbed attention, made a direct connection to both younger and older audiences, and set us up for exactly what we wanted to talk about: self-care. We ran with it. 

Of course, as the speech drew nearer, Kristen had some panic moments about opening with a line about blow torches - but in the end, the speech seemed to be a success. You can check out the highlights of what we discussed in an article Kristen wrote for here. 

The post-speech, finally-in-our-AirBnB snap

Phase 4: Fawn Over the Goodie Bag

As a cannabis enthusiast who lives in prohibition Missouri, finally getting to see and even sample some of the products I stare at for hours on Instagram was literally a dream come true. We had a chance to try infused macaroons, pop tarts, almond butter, tea, trail mix, chocolate covered blueberries, and even kombucha. It was all amazing. 

Phase 5: Explore Pacific Beach

Living in the Midwest our entire lives, the landscape just doesn't seem all that exciting to photograph in, so we spent an entire day at the beach doing product photography to stock up on social media images - and of course having some much needed laugh time after a stressful month of speech prep! 

An unexpected, giant splash

Kira couldn't stop picking these weird things up

The Mexican food was out-of-this-world amazing, as expected. 

We got to build our first ever cookie sandwiches

*Missouri girls forever*

Phase 6: Entertain Ourselves After a Cancelled Flight

After spending four hours in the airport waiting for our flight, finally boarding and getting seated, the pilot announced that the plane was missing a part and would not be taking off. We de-boarded and went through the daunting process of rescheduling our flight - which ended up being another 6 hours away. But with Cannabis Cleanse principles at the forefront of our minds after a relaxing few days in California, we decided to take it in stride and spent the time exploring the airport. We found a Reflection Room, intended for quiet solitude and meditation, and had stretch time and a little dance party to Odesza (we really needed to move after 6+ hours of sitting at the airport and eating). You can find a clip from our crazy dance session on Instagram if you're so compelled... 

As you can probably tell from the photos, we had an absolute blast on the trip. We can't wait to visit California again, and are looking forward to all the speeches we'll be giving in the future! 

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