Cannabis Cleanse: Cannabis and Movement

Let’s be real. Staying stagnant sucks.

Feeling like you’re stuck in life (whether physically, emotionally, financially, or creatively) is just plain exhausting. The good news is that there is a completely free, time-tested remedy for when you start feeling stuck: move around! Our bodies were designed to move, and when we burn our energy through physical activity, we release pent-up mental energy as well, improving not only our mood but our outlook on life.

The Cannabis Cleanse wants everyone to enjoy the full-health benefits of exercise, but we understand that “everyone” is such a broad term! For each able-bodied person hitting the gym and weight-lifting, there is a person with restricted mobility who might feel that the joy of movement is out of their reach. That’s why the Cannabis Cleanse is dedicated to helping you find the forms of exercise that work best for your specific needs. Movement isn’t just about working towards a better body for tomorrow; it’s also about enjoying the gift of your body today. 

This week we will be featuring songs, products, recipes, testimonials and more to inspire you the next time you’re on the move! 

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