Staying Fresh in the Spring Sun / #ShopHerShit

Staying Fresh in the Spring Sun

Let's be honest: Spring brings sweat. So the ladies at Lush Cosmetics recommended I double up on the deodorant, layering the ultra-absorbent charcoal powder on top of the Aromaco bar infused with witch hazel. Read how it's going below!


All of Lush's products are natural and not tested on animals. They are also eco-conscious and use recyclable (and beautifully designed) packaging! 

Aromaco Deodorant Bar: Best thing about this guy is that I don't have to worry about it leaving residue on my clothes! However, I've found that applying it right after shaving can leave my pits burning like a forest on fire. 

The Guv'ner Deodorant Powder: Let me just start by saying that this stuff smells amazing. It's important to note, however, that this powder is grey and will turn your armpits a dark, unappealing color. Not a bad thing, as long as you're planning to wear long sleeves. It's also proven great for sprinkling onto and freshening up the bra I may or may not have worn the day before. 

Aquatic Toothy Tabs: I'm honestly still trying to adjust to these. I already truly hate brushing my teeth, so leaving these in my mouth long enough to actually fizz up like they're supposed to can be a challenge. But I love that they don't have fluoride and plastic packaging, so will commit to at least using the whole box before giving up! 


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