Dream Dabbing / #ShopHerShit

Dream Dabbing

Everyone talks about how important it is to choose the right strain for your needs in the moment. This is even more true for concentrates since they are more potent and take effect more quickly. This is why it's ideal to have a couple different favorite strains in your MMJ stash box; I like to have my energizing sativa for productive creative use along with a sedating indica for turning my brain off long enough to sleep. 

Life is all about balance. 

White porcelain serving dish from Tallulahs / Tangerine Man shatter by Leafs by Snoop from LivWell / Indica Wax by Boulder Botanics / Gold Dabber from Retroactive / A Little Bit of Dreams book from Lighthouse Bookstore in Boulder, CO / Votive Candle Holder from Hobby Lobby / Geode Crystal from Aardvarx in Columbia, MO