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Breath of God

While I may love the taste of weed on my breath, not everyone loves its aroma rolling off my tongue. Here are some of my essentials for keeping my conversations negative-vibe free. 

Lip Service lip balm by Lush Cosmetics (very moisturizing, and not too strong of an odor) / Breath of God Toothy Tabs by Lush Cosmetics / Strawberry Cough joint by Headquarters Dispensary (for keeping my own energy stable and free of anxiety) / Lola Lola lighter by Lola Lola / Citrine crystal from Sedona (for attracting only the people and things I need, and giving me the strength to turn away things that harm my energy - read more about its properties here

While exploring Pearl Street in Boulder last week, I came across these Toothy Tabs at Lush and was insanely impressed! You simply nibble on a tab between your front teeth, then wet your toothbrush and go! The tab foams up to help clean teeth and freshen your breath - and there were lots of interesting flavors! I chose Breath of God because it contained sandalwood and vanilla, which makes for a pleasant - and completely unique - brushing experience. They're also super easy to store in your purse or car for emergency teeth brushing. Perfect for the mobile smoker. 

My favorite part of these tabs (after their fabulous packaging design, obviously) were that they are Earth conscious! Their box reads, "Get off the tube and use a tab! Instead of all those aluminum and plastic toothpaste tubes which go to the landfill every year, we package our Toothy Tabs in simple, recyclable cardboard. When your box is empty, you can recycle it." And, as per usual, they are also not tested on animals and have completely natural ingredients. PLUS these bad boys contain NO fluoride (have you heard about the dangers of fluoride yet? I just learned about this issue last week and can't stop thinking about it!) 

I have to admit, the first time I tried one of these I was hit with a surprise - they are baking soda based, and that's a strong flavor! But once the tab was crunched up in my mouth and beginning to foam, it was a very pleasant brushing experience. And I'm loving my breath. Very god-like. :) 

Has anyone else tried these? Let me know what you think! 


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