Cannabis Cleanse Diaries: Balance and Moderation

The Cannabis Cleanse Diaries

Day 29

I was just eating some chocolate chips.

Ghirardelli defines them as “dark,” even though they’re only 60%. I normally stick to dark chocolate bars over 80%, so these chocolate chips taste like tiny fudge brownies to me. They’re my highly-addictive indulgence, and a dangerous one at that. There’s just something about munching on a bag of chocolate chips; it’s kind of like with potato chips – you can’t eat just one, and it’s really hard to stop. I’m not going to lie; I’ve finished off an entire bag in a day before.


But I’m proud to say that I quit after just two handfuls tonight.

I had quite a bit of sugar this past weekend with Valentine’s day (chocolate covered strawberries are my absolute favorite), and I’ve been feeling congested and sneezy again. I had been doing pretty well last week with limiting my sugar intake, but the Valentine’s weekend menu of strawberries and cream French toast sandwiches, and blueberry breakfast cake, derailed me just a little – although it honestly wasn’t as much damage as it could have been. (I could have made cookies…)

As my body tries to re-stabilize after it all, I’m reminded of the principle I preach and sometimes forget to practice.


Balance and moderation.

You are literally the physical makeup of what nutrients you choose to provide your body with. Everything you put into your body has to be processed in some way – which means that too much of anything can lead to negative effects. That includes good things like proteins, vitamins, herbs, and more. For example, my friend Minna of Hemp Kettle Tea said during our phone call this week that ginger is a great herb (it can be used to reduce pain and inflammation, stimulate circulation, and more) but in excess, it can thin the blood and have other negative side effects (such as nausea). Of course, everyone's line of what is too much of a nutrient is different depending on their individual makeup and current conditions. We've heard it since we were little: We're all unique. That means we all have very unique needs. 


The concept of balance and moderation doesn’t only hold true for food.

Physically, we have to take things in moderation; excessive exercise can damage our bodies. Emotionally, we have to make sure we have a balance of time for ourselves, our loved ones, and our passions.


Our bodies aren’t designed to handle excess – and our society has been built on the excessive.

Common foods like ketchup and yogurt are loaded with sugar. We’re bombarded with advertisements for new supplements, and pick up new pills from the store to try like it’s no big deal. We are expected to make work a priority and be really damn good at it all the time. We aren’t supposed to talk about our issues or feelings because we should be able to deal with it ourselves, and “It’s really not a big deal.”

This excess is what causes our bodies to become distressed, and then our bodies try to tell us what’s going on through discomfort and disease. That’s really the only way our bodies can communicate with us – and it’s usually literally asking us to ease up. We keep looking for external remedies in the form of asking our doctor’s for a magic pill, but I believe that what we really need to do is stop and listen to our bodies and what they are telling us they need.


Cannabis allows me to do just that.

It allows me to separate myself from my emotions and reflect on myself and what I need. Have I honestly been eating enough vegetables lately? When’s the last time I did yoga? Without cannabis, my mind gets stuck on what needs to be done and how little time I feel like I have, and I forget to do things like eat or sleep (literally). Of course, too much cannabis can take me to a different place – one that isn’t as productive as it should be. I wouldn’t ever say this is a “bad” thing, but it can be a negative experience if my intention was to “get shit done.”


Cannabis is also a natural nutrient for helping keep our bodies in balance, as it supports our endocannabinoid systems –

the system that actually keeps us in balance and protects us from stressors (Mary Lynn Mathre). Cannabis contains over 50 cannabinoids that bind to receptors throughout this system found all over our bodies, including our brain, lungs, liver, kidney, and immune system. When we use cannabis, those cannabinoids bind to and stimulate those receptors to help them work better. There is also a release of antioxidants, which is a nice little bonus. And not all of these cannabinoids are psychoactive – there are plenty of amazing compounds that won’t get you high in the slightest. So, if you’re needing a little help in the balance department like I do, you can always look into products such as Evoxe CBD vaporizers or Hemp Not Trees CBD edibles. I’m working on a post that goes more in detail on the ins and outs of CBD, but for now you can check out my latest #ShopHerShit post that features a couple of pure CBD products (CBD is non-psychoactive and legal nationwide).

What are some ways you keep in balance? Share them in the comments below! :) 

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