Style Collaboration with Becca Reitz

This past weekend, I spent time in Vail with a college friend of mine, Becca Reitz. We had planned to explore Denver and Boulder's finest style stores on Saturday, but ended up heading straight to Vail due to weather conditions. After adventuring Vail Village for a while, we holed up at home with snacks and cannabis. We had no idea it was going to snow so much - it's even been snowing today!

On Sunday, we compiled our trinkets and creativity to do a ridiculously fun style shoot. I had brought up a bunch of crystals, a few little porcelain and concrete dishes, and a few of my favorite cannabis gadgets. Becca had everything metallic you could dream of, and lots of little knick-knacks that made styling a ton of fun.

I worked on some Puffco shots, and we had a lot of fun styling the pristine Evoxe Balance pen. And while there are a few photos with nugs, there are also plenty of completely cannabis-free shots! Overall, a very successful day. Check out some of the photos below! While they didn't all make the cut, I think it's fun to see the filtering process. Will be curating favorites on my Instagram in the coming weeks! 

B E H I N D   T H E   S C E N E S 

Since the snow storm was rolling in, light was scarce. But we positioned our setups directly beneath the sky-light and was able to have success. As you can see, the room exploded just a little bit. An explosion of style happiness. 

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