Cannabis Christmas Creations

I've always taken incredible joy in giving people gifts. 

Every Christmas presents me with an opportunity to create unique gifts for my favorite people. Each year has been something different; first it was the Baby Bailey Squad gear in preparation for my niece coupled with hand-made journals, then it was apparel with my Soul Family's natal chart and more prints from my A Spirituality series. Then this year while working on some illustrations for a new brand I'm launching in 2017, I had the idea to turn my illustrations into this year's gifts. 

Illustrating for design is funny because the piece gets scanned in and then forever lives in digital space — the original is often tucked away in a folder. Honestly, it's really difficult for me to give away my original creations; I get really attached to what I make. But with these cannabis watercolors, I wanted to make sure they would be enjoyed by people who would appreciate them. 

The watercoloring station I set up at my family's lake house 

To accompany the watercolors, I wrote a quote from the government patent #6630507 identifying "cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants" beside the illustration, then attached small pieces of Green Calcite with gold or copper wire to the frames and included a detachable explanation of how it all relates together. 

The inspiration to write the quote from the government patent came from a conversation I've been having with multiple friends lately. We've been discussing how it can sometimes be easy to question yourself with all the all of the negative propaganda happening around us, especially for those of living in a prohibition state. For all of the incredible, amazing people out there who support our decision to use cannabis, there are just as many people telling us that we're killing our brain cells. That can be a really hard thing to deal with. 

But we have to remember, it's not true. The government has invented these lies to create a system that fuels their own purposes, and the fact that they have multiple patents on cannabis as medicine, including #6630507, proves it. And this gift is meant to be a reminder of that for some of my closest cannabis friends. 

The following is the explanation that was included with the stone and painting. 


Allow this stone’s vibrations to ground and center you in 2017, stabilizing what you know in your heart to be true. This stone increases success, prosperity, business, fertility, intuition and psychic abilities, with the ability to assist you in manifesting your soul’s purpose. 
Connected to the heart chakra, this stone can encourage warmth, compassion and joy and allow us to recognize that we are all interconnected with one another and part of something much greater outside of ourselves. When this chakra is strong, others can feel our love and warmth and we can more easily connect with their true essence. 
It’s also an excellent stone for gardening (wink wink), is the new Pantone color of the year, and represents growth, harmony, and safety through its color that just so happens to match that of our favorite plant. 
Whether you believe in crystal energies or not, let this stone serve as a symbol for you as we begin this new year. When the world questions your decisions and doubt creeps in, let it remind you that cannabis is indeed a healing plant, and there is proof out there that this is true (government patent #6630507). Let it remind you that change is possible, and you can manifest change through a positive, loving mindset. Let it represent the need for compassion and warmth for our fellow humans in this difficult time our world faces, and remind you that love really does conquer all. 
Most importantly, let it remind you to trust your intuition. Let it remind you to be exactly who you are.