Concert Invitation Design

Invitations for a concert in Santa Barbara, CA benefitting the organizations of Emmy Lou Harris

This event ended up being postponed for now, but I wanted to share the invitation I created for it! (You may remember the moodboard from back in October...I'm a little behind.) 

This was the original design I did for the card, based off this moodboard from back in October. We ultimately decided to take it in a different direction - see below.

This design utilized a Getty Images stock photo that shows a dog and a couple on the beach. I created a smaller card to accompany the invitation that explains in detail the organizations that the event is benefitting.

The front design is simple and really plays on the photo used with its reversed text. The subtly of the text reflects the soft, calming image of the ocean. The back is neatly organized with a center alignment. The delicate script font paired with the modern and bold capital sans-serif creates a visually engaging juxtaposition. The limited three fonts and four colors (carefully extracted from the front photo) help make the designs cohesive from side to side and on each card. These fonts and colors were also used to display information for items at the auction. 

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