Motivation Dab: The Cannabis Cleanse Diaries

The Cannabis Cleanse Diaries

Day 6

It was one of those days where you wake up stressed.

I hadn’t accomplished enough over the weekend, wasn’t feeling well after my Domino’s dinner, and had slept about 4 hours. My best friend and I have also been fighting, and whether people like to admit it or not, that stuff affects you. But today, I had to let all of that go and burn through my to-do list before I left in two days. I woke up wishing the day wasn’t here yet.


But I was meeting a friend for breakfast and a massage.

That made it a little easier to get up. This friend recently became a massage therapist, and is a complete natural. She had massaged me once before and I knew it’d be good. We had coffee, caught up on each other’s lives, and then headed back to my place for the massage.

We chatted as she set up her fancy, with soft sheets and purple bolster. We waited while the table warmed up after being in the car. I hadn’t seen this friend in months, and gladly allowed myself to be totally in the moment, enjoying every last second of freedom and company before my day’s commitments began.


After the amazing massage, I began powering through my lists.

I didn’t ever eat lunch, working through it instead. I launched right back into stress-ball Kristen. But the productivity didn’t last long. A couple hours in, I was feeling restless and unfocused. Instead of stopping to re-center, though, I ignored myself. I was driving myself to go harder and faster when what I really needed was a pause.

After trying to push through it a while, I decided to switch up what I was working on. I did a transitional motivation dab, and had a sudden burst of energy.


I could feel that I needed to move,

and as per Cannabis Cleanse instructions, listened to my body. I cranked the music and started wildly dancing around the room with exaggerated movements that stretched and exerted every muscle in my body. It felt good to release the pent up energy. It felt good to be in the moment.

When I went back to work, I was able to power through 5 hours no problem. But without that dab, I wouldn’t have been so receptive to hearing what my body needed and taken that break to stretch. I would have continued feeling restless and getting sidetracked, all while stressing myself out even more. The dab allowed me to step back from my fight-or-flight reaction to my to-do list and see what I needed to be more productive. It told me that I needed to get out that excess energy and eat some vegetables (which I did!). It allowed me to be in the moment and give my full attention to the the task at hand, whether it was dancing like a maniac or designing visual aids for the upcoming Women Grow Leadership Summit. And it let me do the task calmly.


Cannabis can be a tool.

Understanding how it affects you opens up opportunities for it to enhance your life in the exact ways you need it to. Amongst other things, I use cannabis to help me listen and respond to my needs.

In what ways do you use cannabis as a tool? Comment below and share your story with #cannabiscleanse!

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