Kicking the Sugar Addiction: The Cannabis Cleanse Diaries

The Cannabis Cleanse Diaries

Day 4

Today, the inevitable happened.

I wanted chocolate, and badly. “It’s Friday” my body said, craving that usual weekend dose of sugar. But instead of indulging in something decadent, I stuck with strategic bites of my 85% Cocoa Black Out dark chocolate bar.


Did you know women are only supposed to have around 24 grams of sugar per day?

That’s only 6 teaspoons, and goes fast when it’s added to lots of foods! As I try to come out of my sugar addiction, this whole bar of dark chocolate is my go-to. It only has 12 grams of sugar, which, compared to other chocolate bars, isn’t much. (The higher the percentage, the less sugar you’ll find in the bar.) Plus, it only has four ingredients - which fits the "less than five" rule! 

This particular dark chocolate bar has come to satisfy my sweet tooth when I need without putting my sugar intake over the edge. And I can’t even eat too much at a time, it’s so rich. I’ll take a small bite when I need, let the taste fade (and it stays a while!), then take another small bite when the craving hits again. I can sometimes go through a bar in a day if it’s sitting around, but most of the time I’m pretty good about not eating too much.

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What are some of your favorite low-sugar treats? I’d love more ideas! :) Comment or use #cannabiscleanse on social media to share!