Introducing: The Cannabis Cleanse Diaries

The Cannabis Cleanse Diaries

Day 1

I don’t know about you guys, but 2016 has been a whirlwind so far. You know all those things back in December you say you’ll put off until “The New Year”? Well, the new year came, and it was time to do all that old stuff. As a result, new stuff, as much as I wanted it to, didn’t really make it’s way into my agenda. For example, the Cannabis Cleanse.

I had been working tirelessly on the eBook Coming Clean with Cannabis for 2 months and finally had it finished December 31, 2015 at 4:00 pm. That night, I celebrated New Year’s eve with some of my best friends, then left Colorado for Missouri two days later.

I got back home to my things 25% of the way unpacked from my recent move, and lots to catch up on since I had neglected other projects to finish the book. But the Cannabis Cleanse on social media was scheduled to start the 4th, so I added that to my personal agenda.


I’m going to be honest.

I wasn’t very committed. I printed out the daily tracker and mindlessly filled it out each night. I would reflect briefly on my meals, jotting down what I’d eaten, and rate their balance and nutrition like a good Cannabis Cleanser. But if I’m being honest, I was just going through the motions to be able to say I’d actually done the cleanse I had been designing for two months. I wasn’t thinking about my choices as I made them – or really doing what I had intended for a Cannabis Cleanser to be doing at all!

My allergies have been acting up recently, and I secretly know that it’s because I’ve been eating far too much sugar. The holidays got me, I can’t lie. They say sugar is addictive, and I can personally verify that is so real. The more sugar I have the more I want it. So no matter how many times I tell myself that I am going to start eating better, the next day I’m shoveling more leftover holiday snacks into my mouth.


So I decided today: I’m going to do the Cannabis Cleanse.

And before I could talk myself out of it, I decided that I would document it on my blog so that I couldn’t back out. And then I started writing the post because like we always say – the best time to start is now.


Then I wanted a cookie.

A had made a batch of these not-so-healthy bad boys a couple weeks back and frozen them to pull out and cook for fresh eating any time my heart desired. Brilliant, and incredibly stupid all at the same time. And there was one remaining.

I fought the urge for a while, working on the lettering for the day. Then I was thinking about the Cleanse principles. Nowhere in there did it say I couldn’t eat cookies or sugar. Was I off the hook? What did it say? “I will think about the choice I’m about to make before consuming anything. When I decide to eat something, I will be grateful for the nourishment it will provide me.” So I thought about the cookie. I decided that I had eaten a nutritious and balanced enough lunch and had a healthy enough dinner planned to splurge a little on a cookie. Plus, having the last one out of the freezer would remove temptation as I embarked on the Cleanse and wouldn’t have the potential to set me back again (those things are really sugary). So I made the cookie.

And that’s ok. Wellness isn’t about cutting out all the cookies and cake from your life. It’s about understanding the effect those things have on you and taking steps to make sure it’s not harming you. So as delicious as those sugary treats are, I need to acknowledge that they affect my body in a negative way and try to limit my intake.


You can go through the motions.

You can fill out your tracker and make sure you don’t drink alcohol for a few weeks. But the real change comes from being truly aware of yourself. The guidelines are there so that you can help guide yourself into being a happy and healthy human. The tracker isn’t the Cleanse; the dedication to yourself is.

I am excited to share this experience with you, and I hope you join me. I’m ready to make for myself a happy and balanced life. I'm ready to live the Cannabis Cleanse lifestyle. 

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