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Back in December, Canna Curious Club asked if I'd be interested in creating a style guide themed around Sea + Sand + Sativa to contribute to the blog. I loved the idea! Of course, it was the dead of winter and I was nowhere near an ocean...but I used to have a dolphin obsession back in elementary school which had led me to decorating my room in sand dollars, starfish, and shells, so I dragged it all out. I had also had a really cool art project idea back in high school that incorporated sand, so I had hoarded a Pringles can of sand from our beach vacation that came in very handy. (See, Mom, hoarding can be a good thing!!) 


A little on the process: First, I polished all my pieces. This is actually quite the task, since glass will show any fingerprints or grit in photographs. Next, I spent a day setting up and styling the various things I had. After the first photoshoot, I edited the best images and started placing them into my blank, multi-page document to the sides of the art board. I like to get all of my content into my file before I begin designing so that I can see what all I'm working with. From there, I started organizing which photos would work well on a page together and scaled up my favorite images to signal that they were to be the "dominant" image on a page. After getting everything sorted, I could see where the content needed to be rounded out. I drew empty boxes on pages with ideas for what type of image could go there, and then reshot with those specifics in mind. The second shoot was more about people being in the images to bring a human element into the piece instead of just showing still lives of objects. 

One thing I love about online publications is that you can have live links - I think that is so much fun! All of the products in the Style Series link out so that you can see where the items came from. Be sure to download your copy! 

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