Natural Healing / #ShopHerShit

Natural Healing

Bringing balance back into your life. 

Air Plant

Inspires me to flourish on little nutrients. 

CloudV Pen

 The bubbler attachment for this vape pen makes for the ideal inhale. You're already getting a much cleaner hit just by using a vaporizer, but then this also filters and cools the vapor before it gets to you. It's ridiculously amazing. 

CBD Flakes

When looking around for CBD options, I was drawn to these canna-flakes because they can be dabbed on a rig or put into a refillable vaporizer pen (amongst other ways to use them). They are perfect for use during the day when I need to be mentally alert but am experiencing anxiety; they're a wonderful body relaxer! (Read more about CBD in Coming Clean with Cannabis)

Amethyst Spirit Quartz

They say you're drawn to the crystals whose vibrations resonate with yours. This is probably one of my favorite stones in history. It is said to help connect one with higher realms for guidance - just what I need for spiritual healing! 

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