Process: Glass Piece Styling

If you haven't already seen it, check out my updated CANNABIS page and what I have to say about #ComingOutGreen! 

I also added a new project to the page titled "Photography, Cannabis-Themed Styling." I've always appreciated the artwork and talent that goes into making glass pieces, and many of my own pieces have been gifted to me by special people in my life. I wanted to display those items while expressing my own personal style that can currently be found in my hodge-podge of a home.   

The original shoot for the image under CANNABIS. I didn't like how the dome of the oil rig overlapped the crystal underneath, so went for a reshoot. Some of the objects also looked crowded in their positions, and a couple dark shadows are distracting.

I decided there were a few things wrong going on here: the level to which the crystals and greenery are out of focus was distracting rather than exciting, and the background got so black that it ended up being too flat.

I really love styling, and have been working to get better at it lately; Myriad was a lot of fun, and I've been missing those moments where you obsess over minute details and tirelessly adjust lighting. So, I had a go at photographing some of my favorite pieces. And then I edited them...and then I decided to have another go. As I've said sucks...but things are always better the second time you do them. So, I reflected on what was and wasn't working in my images and then shot them again in that mystical period between afternoon and evening light. (Check out the final photos here!)  

I wanted to share with you all a little bit of my process and thinking behind what I was doing, so I've included some captioning on the following photos for you to gander.

I liked this image, but not the way the white neck overlapped the white chair. I also didn't like the bright white rug in the background, and think it would have been more successful without it.