New York

My dad has been going to New York on business ever since I was in elementary school, and after finally finishing school I had some time to tag along with him on one of his trips. From September 9-12, 2015, my mom and I joined my dad in New York so that I could explore the city. While I didn't make the time to see many of the "traditional" sights of NY (like the Statue of Liberty or Central Park), I got do my favorite things: window shop unique design stores, look at inspiring art, and eat delicious food. My parents were troopers; I can spend endless hours in art museums, galleries, and boutiques.

It was a short trip, but ended up being just about the perfect amount of time; I don't think I could have handled the anxious energy much longer. While it was a lot of fun and I loved going (and would LOVE to go back one day), I know without a doubt I don't want to live there. 

Here are some highlights from the trip. Enjoy!

Hilton Garden Inn Lobby. The hotel was beautiful and the staff was warm and friendly!

All the foodie lists had this guy on there...and it was well deserved!

We visited MoMA on Friday and they had an entire Warhol exhibit! After writing about three papers on him for my summer classes, I was completely enamored with seeing his work. Especially these Marilyns!

My dad took us here our first night - we didn't eat dinner until 10 pm! He had been there for work before. It was amazing and although he claimed "not fancy"...I thought it was pretty darn fancy. 

Costume display of Rafiki's costume from The Lion King on Broadway.

You never know what you'll get when strangers take your picture...but it's not horrible! Haha. Me and Mom at The Lion King. This was probably my favorite thing we did in New York - the show was so amazing! 

From the Graffiti tour in Brooklyn. I've always admired Banksy, and this was his predecessor that inspired Banksy himself: Blek le Rat.

Me and my dad on the Highline Walking Tour. 

Me and my mom on the Highline Walking Tour. 

Fine + Raw Chocolate Store in Brooklyn, NY. Visited after our graffiti tour on Thursday. 

Loved the Fine + Raw Chocolate bar designs and their illustrations. 

Hilton Garden Inn Lobby

One of the furniture design stores we wandered through. 

And Pollock at MoMA; so amazing. 

We had an amazing Bushwick Graffiti and Street Art tour in Brooklyn on Thursday. I enjoyed learning lots about the history and styles of graffiti.

From the Graffiti tour in Brooklyn. This was a legal piece that was commissioned. 

A street in New York I thought was pretty.

A portrait of JZ on the Graffiti tour in Brooklyn.

From the Graffiti tour in Brooklyn. 

Hilton Garden Inn Lobby

Times Square. This actually may have been my least favorite part of New York; it was just giant versions of the stores I've always had around me. I much preferred the small + unique boutiques. 

Another furniture design store we wandered through. They had framed geodes in shadow boxes - love! 

Poster art at MoMA.

Subway station. These were not what I had been expecting; I heard they were dirty, but they are dirty. They were also incredibly, incredibly hot. Go figure. 

From the Graffiti tour in Brooklyn.

At the Met; I only got through the Ancient Egypt exhibit in the 2.5 hours we were there! 

One of my takeaways from the Met. 

Actual hieroglyphics on stone from the Ancient Egypt exhibit at the Met.