Re-Introducing: The Photostrip

I have an obsession with making images. My favorite images are the ones that capture the essence of a moment, so I usually overshoot and then delete later. More often than not, I can't decide on just one image from the series I shoot; I normally like the ones surrounding just as much as the one I choose. 

I was picking out images from my week of babysitting my niece, Bailey, and my two family dogs, Nick and Gracie, to share with you all, when it occurred to me that I didn't have to pick just one image from a sequence. I used to love photo strips, and decided that I would imitate the concept here. In these series, a story is silently told as you observe and react to the subtle changes from photo to photo. While no, you can't print and frame every single image to put on your wall, you can go back and relive the moment - and the moment after, and the one after that. 

I have to admit that I'm pretty proud and excited about this new idea. Especially since I'm blogging these, I can always go back and find them again - especially when I need a good smile.


Bailey + Auntie Kristen Hanging Out in Bailey's Favorite Place

(She really likes my bed)

Chilling with Wolfie

(Plush wolves are the new teddy bear)

"Bailey, be Gentle"

(The puppies grudgingly concede to having their ears shaken)

Helping Auntie Return her Textbooks

(All was good until they got stuck to her feet)