Final Four Shooters

The moment you've all (I'm sure!) been waiting for... The Final Four Shooters! This was a group assignment from my Photographing Light course that went all semester long. It began with one person's image, who then sent it to the next person. That person then responded to the image with another image, creating a sort of "visual telephone" with the body of work. The circle would then continue, but the image directly before you is the only one you would see to make your new image. When you received the image, you had 48 hours to create a new image and send it on. 

We strived for smooth yet bold transitions that carry a viewer through the entire body. Creating a visual conversation by communicating nonverbally was a challenge, but helped us break free from our comfort zones with photography and look at image making with a new perspective. 

Images were made in the following order: Kim Wronkiewicz, Sara Murillo, Marissa Billmeyer, Kristen Williams

Total Images: 50