Inversion Photography

I've been working literally all day on getting my Photographing Light independent project to be at a place where I actually like it and have good thoughts down on paper about it with an action plan. It has been daunting, but also so rewarding. (Although I'm dreading looking at it again tomorrow...)

These are the first five images I created for this body of work which I presented at our first class critique. After hearing what my classmates were reading from the photos and analyzing where they were struggling to understand and focus on my concept, I realized I wasn't vocalizing my intent with language that correctly expresses my idea, so I sat down and started making an outline of the poem I had written for my artist statement, getting down new conclusions I had drawn since the last time I worked with the idea (which was, admittedly, too long ago...). 

My project is now going to take a different aesthetic approach. While I really like these photos, the harsh lighting, stark contrast and tensed muscles do not create the soft yet strong tone that I am striving for.

The new artist statement isn't ready to go quite yet, but I thought that I would share these practice photos as a teaser for this future body of work. An extension of my "Live Fearlessly" work that explores the importance of understanding oneself, I created these images in my room on a tripod and self timer; they are of myself doing inversion yoga with a focus being on the place in my body that is alive with energy while practicing the pose.