#GasFace Photoshoot

Apparently, Juicy J started a hashtag #gasface where he reposts people's photos on Twitter with smoke all in their faces. We decided we wanted to get on his feed.

This hat was a bonus from another tacky stoner merchandise shoot I did. We shot it first in daylight, then had the idea to use my bud's old backlights. It definitely added to the tacky factor. We also used a flashlight to illuminate his face, which made some badass shadows on his face from the smoke. We had way too much fun shooting these - 199 photos of fun, to be precise. Below are the top 14 favorites. 

All of the smoke in the photos is from my bud's e-cig that he puffs on; none of the smoke was derived from cannabis (which is why it's so thick, over and over and over). He had to try all of his exhalation techniques!