The First Colorado Photo Shoot

I had been absolutely dying to go to Colorado so I could do a photoshoot with actual cannabis. I ended up being way more busy than I'd expected (I always over-estimate how much time I'm going to have to accomplish shit) so I didn't get to do even close to what I would have liked to have done, but it was a good first round - and I'm sure there will be many more to come in the future! 

It helped that my host lives in Colorado and had a stock of things for me to shoot. She helped make some of these repetitious photos possible. :) I took a car full of props including fake plants, crystals, and shells, and other favorites - but it still wasn't enough! I brought some backdrops, including my classic fuschia and textured yellow (the paper I use on my business cards) along with my brand new white-washed wood boards. Next time, I want to come up with more clever ways to display concentrates; they're a challenge to photograph! 

Photographing the product next to the packaging: a classic that needs to be mastered

I wanted to get some simple shots of just product

Indica budder concentrate

Styling buds

Good vibes

Simple reds + blacks

The smells of coffee beans + cannabis = love

Concentrate from The Farm dispensary

My personal favorite from the shoot. #nirvana

Photographing this bad boy was a challenge with the glare coming off him

Experiment: "What's the best way to photograph a book?"

This one didn't make the cut to portfolio status, but I still kind of like it. 

Bag from Native Roots, a beautifully designed dispensary

Trippy Trailmix sample from The Cannabis Kitchen Cookbook by Robyn Griggs Lawrence

Gotta love those buds. 

I loved playing with depth of field in these images and consciously deciding where the focus would be

CO2 Oil

Happy Camper concentrates in a woodsy setting

Dramatic joint. It's a caviar joint, to be specific. 

Cheeba Chews, Chimes, crystals, CloudV and dabs made for some awesome orange vibes

All natural cannabis consumption: edible trailmix + caviar joint with Raw tip + citrine

Trippy Trailmix - cannabis infused edible

Not all the photos made the cut to portfolio status. See what I decided was best here and here