Behind the Scenes: "12 Pothead Products We Love to Hate" Photo Shoot

I had way too much fun shooting for my second contribution to the Canna Curious Club blog. They asked all of the contributors to look for the tackiest stoner merchandise they could find and submit links or photos. So, I spent an afternoon wandering through the local Spencer's gift shop picking out the tackiest stuff I could.

The challenge was then figuring out how to photograph the horribly tacky objects in a not-lame way. I brought the bag of goods to my family's for Thanksgiving, and my brother and I ended up having way too much fun photographing the items. My brother even got to use my camera for the first time - and didn't do too bad a job!! 

All of the smoke in the photos is from my brother's e-cig that he puffs on; none of the smoke was derived from cannabis (which is why it's so thick, over and over and over). We had a lot of fun putting the smoke in the objects, as well. It would actually cling to the paper and stay inside the cups and tray, just settling there. You can see in the bloopers the play with different backdrop colors. 

We shot this first in daylight, then had the idea to use my brother's old backlights. It definitely added to the tacky factor. We also used a flashlight to illuminate his face, which also made some badass shadows on his face from the smoke. We had way too much fun shooting these - 199 photos of fun, to be precise. Below are the top 15 favorites. 

PS I bought all of the items and was careful not to damage any of the tags so that I could return them after my shoot (because I really don't need these items...). It was a challenge at times to make sure that the price tag wasn't showing up in the photos; we ended up taping the tag to hat at one point so that it wouldn't dangle down. 

This ashtray didn't turn out looking nearly as tacky as it is in its photos; it lights up with multicolor LEDs when you touch it. 

These cups killed me. Originally, I wanted to use my mom in the photo and Photoshop in some cats behind her to make her a "Crazy Cat Lady," but I ultimately couldn't decide quickly enough how I wanted that image to look. So, I settled for smoke coming out of the cup instead. You can see that the white backdrop just wasn't working for the smoke effect, so we switched to red. 

I forgot to bring my tripod to the photo shoot, so my brother volunteered to shoot me in the second hat. I got all the settings set up for him, and then he clicked away. There were some good keepers in the mix! After we got the shot for the contribution, one of my family dogs got pulled into the scene with me. She wasn't so sure about it - but you can maybe guess why given my crazy eyes in a couple of those photos. I also had to try on the "High As Fuck" hat, of course.