What Happened in Vegas

I've kind of dropped off the grid a little bit; apologies for that. I took a business trip to Colorado, spent a week helping Women Grow prepare for Vegas, went to Vegas for a week for the National MJ Business Conference, then had a week of recovery with a few personal life turmoils thrown into the mix. Now I'm getting back into everything. 

For people new to this story, I joined the Women Grow team two weeks before the National MJ Business Conference as one of two of their new Business Development Interns. They asked me to join them in Vegas, and I of course said yes. The conference was my first real experience of being inside of the cannabis industry; I had to dabbled on my own and with Ryan last year, but was never fully immersed. It was the initiation of a lifetime. 

I thought everyone was exaggerating when they said you would be tired for months after Vegas; I thought, "I just did college at Truman, I can handle it!" But either I'm getting old or am out of practice, because Vegas was a killer. But at the end of the day, I wouldn't trade that week for anything. 

Nobody Parties like Women Grow

Women Grow knows how to throw a party. We were the hottest ticket on Wednesday night for the private party in the hotel's Voodoo lounge on the rooftop with over 500 tickets sold - and completely sold out. I helped to get people checked into the party, then helped set up for the private Headset afterparty in our own suite...which I'm pretty positive blew every other party in Vegas out of the water. 

Things I picked up in the Women Grow suite / There was constantly an activity being held in the Presidential Suite, from parties to breakfasts to law reform meetings, there was always something going on. These are some of the goodies from the Presidential Suite: Marley Coffee stickers and k-cups from the hydration station, complimentary Bhang personal lubricant from Tuesday night's party, Willie's Reserve party swag including cards, promo flyers, and stickers, Headset party swag including a set of earbuds and logo stickers, Cannabrand party swag including stickers and handouts, a cannabis leaf necklace from Winky & Dutch, my official Women Grow name tag, an invitation for the Julian Marley brand launch party, and Asian-inspired girl essentials from the Women Grow staff to show their appreciation including a nail file, a packet of paper soap, lotion from World Market, tea, chopsticks, ginger candy, and more. 

I had the pleasure of meeting and dabbing with Steve DeAngelo at the ArcView party on Tuesday night! He is such an inspiration. Check out my Instagram for details on this encounter. 

Giveaways from the Headset afterparty 

N2Packaging gifted me these beautiful glass earrings at the Willie's Reserve + Cannabrand parties on Thursday

The Willie's Reserve team stole my heart; what an amazing group of people! 

Loved these white and gold stickers from Cannabrand!

Canned Cannabis by N2Packaging completely blew our minds. Every strain has their own personalized can design. 

There was a surplus of these Bhang lubricants left over from Tuesday, so I took one for all my friends, of course.

Denver Consulting Group and Canna Score partnered up with Women Grow to make some tshirts! 

There's only one of these bad boys made so far, but it was pretty bad ass. Gotta love that Snoop logo. 

The National MJ Business Conference Expo

Goodies from the expo at the National MJ Business Conference. I met so many amazing companies and people, it was ridiculous! These are some of my favorite things I picked up (which was only about 25% of what all I actually have!): Leafly and Hypur lanyards, child-resistant box packaging mockups by Locked4Kids, well-designed print materials from o.penvape, Massroots, GreenHaus, Obscura, Marijuana Marketing Gurus, and Endoca, lighters from EZ Trim and Lola Lola, a sample of Dixie Elixir's new Therabis canine itch supplement, and stickers from o.penvape, Incredibles, General Cannabis, The Magic Buzz, and The CO2 Company

My two favorite booths were The Magic Buzz that had an actual bus with a photo booth inside, and Chiefton Supply Co's insane display that looked like the inside of a retail shop with their apparel displayed beautifully. (Sorry I have no pictures, but check out their site - they're amazing!)

The Rio Presidential Suite

View from the rooftop patio in the Presidential Suite on the 51st floor of the Rio Hotel

Women Grow Swag

Women Grow Swag

Vegas Reality

Images from the (Amazing) Presidential Suite

Earrings from Winky & Dutch along with a beautiful Dank joint. 

Jenn and Paige representing Women Grow!

Another rooftop view

The giant inflatable dice was blown up in stages...and made for comfy lounging along the way.

Spectacular goodies from Women Grow on staff appreciation day