Photoshoot Bloopers + Process

I spent all of Monday shooting all kinds of stuff; I added a section called "Product Photography" to the cannabis portion of my site, and expanded my collection of cannabis-themed styling photography as well. I had lots of new things to take pictures of after the generous care package I received from #CloudV I also worked on some wellness photos for an upcoming post about my struggle with asthma and kept a 100+ lb doberman from destroying my camera during a self-timered photoshoot with him on the porch. My living room has turned into a miniature photography studio. 

Tuesday was spent editing photos. Literally all day editing photos. But I kind of loved it. I always appreciate seeing the process other artists go through to get to their end; below are some bloopers that didn't make the portfolio cut, as well as a reel from a shot I was determined to get but never quite nailed.

For my setup, I just use large sheets of paper, my coffee table, or the floor. I like using the paper for a smooth background, and it's really easy to move around the room as the light changes throughout the day. I'm lucky enough to have large windows that let in lots of light, but keep me out of the direct sunlight in the harsh parts of the day. 

My coffee table is by far one of my favorite backgrounds. The only problem is that it kind of clashes with our current wood floors. 

Photoshoot Bloopers

Working for the Shot...Again and Again

I kept coming back to this beastie as it set on my coffee table while I shot other things...I liked the vibe, but never felt like it was nailed like it should have been. I'd love opinions on what people ended up liking!